I hear your call

 In Relationship With Yourself, Self-Mastery

I hear your call
The cry of pain
The feeling of shame
I know your name
Deep inside
It resides
Your highest truth
Beyond words
And form
It’s not the norm
Transcendent Grace
From a heavenly space
Beyond time
Beyond the beyond
Rests your truth
I know your name
Not fame
Beyond the game
It’s all the same
No pain
Liberation calls
It’s Silent Truth
Ever Present
The perfume of Presence
Heaven Essence
Yet stillness too
In me and you
No gap to see
In to me see
I am YOU
YOU are me
Would you be free
Open to see
The boundless sea
Of Infinity
Calling thee?
Nothing to fear
No time to waste
Nor any haste
Stillness here
Present NOW
Nowhere else
Nothing else
Just this
Beyond the person
Your ideas
Beliefs and form
It’s not the norm
It’s natural Grace
Scent for you
To smell and sense
Your Innocence
The Inner Sense
Yet beyond sensation
It IS Insation
The feelingless feeling
Of truth behold
Let it be told
Perfect Presence
In human form
It’s beyond any norm
Natural truth
On the wings of prayer
In Silence speaks
For all to hear
If they choose
Nothing to lose
Or gain
Or win
It simply rests
Timelessly within
It’s inside expressed out
Simply flow harmoniously
It’s here YOU see
Beyond the beyond
The Infinite Pond
Of Truth Untold
YOURS to behold
And share
Free of care
So True
Born Anew
YOU rise
Like the Phoenix
From the ashes of illusion
The minds delusion
To the wide open
Glorious heart
You were never apart
Sailing eternally
In and as the Ocean
Of Infinite Silence
Here it IS
NOW here YOU Are
The nameless ONE
The True ALL for ONE
No fight or struggle
Silent surrender
Of the great pretender
Ego dies
In the arms of Silence
Liberation emerges
It was always here
Free of illusions fear
It was ever near
Beyond words
Beyond form
Beyond the beyond
It’s not the norm
It’s natural truth
It’s natural expression
In Silence you will Realise your truth
In truth you will Realise YOU are Silence
Self Realisation

🙏 🙏 🙏

Below are two different Meditation Videos helping you connect to your highest truth, your highest calling. The bottom left one is about 30 mins and includes some harp music, the bottom right one is about 33 minutes and is guided through out and was first part of an International Peace Day Guided Experience on Live on Facebook 21 September 2018. Enjoy.

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