I know nothing!

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I know nothing
Feel the divine space in that
Say it to yourself and mean it
For a bit of fun in a Spanish accent like Manuel from Fawlty Towers*
There is great Truth in this knowing nothing
Things are temporary and temporal
The divine, YOU is permanent
Things are about facts, figures, impermanent knowledge and lies and deceit
Thoughts are things too!
Nothing, as in NO THING is about Truth
Truth Births Wisdom
It comes from the Heart
The Universal Heart
We all have access to this
We are all this
Temporary knowledge will still be practically helpful to us in the embodied life
But only our hearts wisdom helps us navigate with JOY and PEACE
When we are totally ’empty’ of thinking we know
When we are truly open
Wisdom and insight emerges
Joy, Peace, Love and Truth come in the same package!
So we can safely say:
I know nothing!
And let the divine speak in it’s quiet voice instead
Speak in us, through us as us
Then we truly are NO THING yet in Amazing Grace!

*For non UK readers Fawlty Towers was a very popular UK situation comedy with the inimitable John Cleese as Basil Fawlty (Hotel Owner) and Andrew Sachs as Manuel as the Spanish waiter. Manuel’s favourite line when questioned by Cleese was you guessed it: “I know nothing!” said with real feeling! More profound than the writers realised I suspect.

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