I was brought up on danger alert

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I was brought up on danger alert.

The I being referred to here is the identified I, the small self. The ego in other words.

Have you noticed that about the ego? It is always on the lookout for danger. For threats to its existence, attacks on its version of reality.

In a constant state of alert it will use any number of strategies to protect itself.

They can range from taking the role of the extreme dictator to the shrinking violet and all variations in between. It’s tack can change in any moment.

One minute crazed, another acting small, another all guns blazing another on the run. Such is the ego.

Is it any wonder then that life identified as the egoic self is a struggle? That life is suffering as the Buddha put it.

He was referring to the identified life. Not the Source and LIFE itself.

The instant ego perceives any threat to its version of reality it’s alarm bells ring. Any all manner of emotions and actions stemming from those emotions can emerge.

Living life from this place not only generates suffering but sprays it around liberally and there appears to be no end to it.

If you wondered why the world seems crazy look no further than the mis-identification with ego. The identification with separation. That ego is separate from all others, and indeed Source itself.

Ego always wants to be right. It’s world view is that its better to be right and protect itself than embrace truth. It fears its demise. It will do anything to prevent this. Hence the many horrors we see in the world.

Now all this could seem like a dark picture but there is a deep invitation to truth here! For when it is seen that is this one fundamental error, this case of mistaken identity with ego that is at the root of all the suffering then a monumental opportunity emerges.

What if mask of ego was just dropped? A complete and utter surrender. An acceptance that this pretence is just too much. That it can’t be lived with any longer.

Who is the one that can’t be lived with any longer?

Ego. It can’t live with itself. After all these years it realises it can’t live with itself.

Then who is the one that is watching all this? Reporting this awareness? This opening?

There is a higher essence here. It watches and has watched all this play of consciousness unmoved, untouched and unblemished by the meanderings of ego.

This ONE IS the one that sees. This ONE emerges when ego is dropped.

It has always been here NOW.

It’s just that almost all the attention has been placed in the identified ego. Result = Suffering.

Let us go back to the beginning.

I was brought up on danger alert.

Danger of its death as ego.

What will I be if it dies?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Yet Infinite. Infinite Silence.

Peace, Grace, Truth, Joy, Gratitude, Love, Acceptance, Blessing all wrapped into ONE.


Which will be chosen?

Ultimately, the SELF, the true SELF will always be present here NOW. Choose this ONE.

The danger was always imaginary. The Infinite, the eternal essence and truth awaits.

Infinite Silence.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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