Impermanence vs Eternal

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A message from Infinite Silence:
“Everything fails, you can’t control it”
Ponder this deeply
It speaks a profound truth
All that is physical is impermanent, changing, failing
In science it is called entropy
A tendency towards disorder
Things break down
Thoughts are things too!
They change like the wind and ultimately fail
Even the continents change and fail
What we know now as continents was once One
A super continent known as Pangea
Current science says continents will become one again!
It will take millions of years but it will become One
What will happen to our labels of countries and boundaries then?
In this higher view it puts things in perspective
The ultimate failing of things is like a death
“Life IS Death” speaks Infinite Silence
But in this death a higher order is realised!
Why then attach ourselves to things?
Cause so much upset and trauma?
When our TRUTH is eternal
We can enjoy the things but in the awareness of their impermanence
A temporary gift to experience life in the physical
Let go and let LOVE!
For YOU are beyond all this
Divine essence
Remember you are that
The Silent Witness
Infinite Silence
IS Eternal

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