In the beginning was the end

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In the beginning was the end.

It was in a meditation on a flight back from Lanzarote with the view out of the window you can see here. It had been in my consciousness about how it might serve people attending the Self Realisation Programmes to express the nature of the Silence from the creative perspective. The words in my awareness were: “In the beginning…” my eyes closed in a meditative space to see what would come. In a flash the phrase emerged “was the end.”

That was it. It was perfect. There was nothing more to say the whole sentence expressed it.

In the beginning was the end.

From the space of mind it doesn’t appear, at first, to make any sense, from the perspective of the the highest truth, the absolute, Infinite Silence. It points at the complete picture. The Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end are one and never separate.

In the beginning was the end Gateway Location

It IS ALL here NOW.

YOU are it.

The true YOU that is. The Infinite Silence itSELF. It is Infinite. Boundless, Timeless, Eternal.

This physical domain in which we experience time and space are simply are projection from within it. A bit like the Holodeck in Star Trek. It looks very real but it is really a virtual reality.

The greatest virtual reality game created!

You can choose to be an actor on the stage of life and forget your true nature and thus suffer or you can choose to realise your truth that YOU are the Silence, the Infinite itSELF.

In the beginning was the end.

The absolute certainty of truth that YOU are here NOW.

It means there’s nothing to fear. It will be alright in the end and if it does’t appear alright yet one simply has not realised the end or the beginning!

This is all fine. It does not invalidate the human experience. No, it points at its incredible gift. Being human is super. A Super Human whose true nature is the unlimited essence itSELF.

What more could you ask for? What more is there to ask for? Nothing! Nothing at ALL.

It IS all here. NOW.

This your heart knows. This the ego mind doubts.

Doubt the doubter. Trust the heart. It never lies.

In Silence you will realise your truth. In truth, you will realise you are Silence.

All the Universe, the multiverse is expressed instantaneously. In the human form we are gifted with the opportunity to explore the tiniest details looking at scene after scene of creation. All of the scenes already here. The slowest slo mo replay you can imagine! You can play over and over again at any apparent speed.

When you slow it right down to an absolute stop, an absolute stillness inside then YOUR truth is Realised, YOUR beyond words beauty is known, the Awareness is recognised:

Self Realisation.

That’s what you came here for. That’s why you are here. This is YOUR greatest gift unto your SELF. Unto the world unto the Universe.

At any ‘time’ this can be YOURS. It emerges from within, unseen, unexpected, it simply IS. Here. NOW.

In the beginning was the end.

YOU are it. Not in any personal sense. In the only true sense.

The Infinite ONE. ONENESS.

Blessings in and as Infinite Silence,

Our shared truth.

To follow on from this you are invited to connect to your truth. You can use the 30 minute Guided Infinite Silence Experience Video.

Or you might like to try the slightly longer and different meditative experience of a Live Reading of A Letter from God (The Silence). Both videos are provided below.

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