Infinite Silence Gateway Location

Infinite Silence is absolute, before time, before space, before concept, before the universal beingness of I AM.

It is made manifest in Infinite Variety.

Your form is like a facet of diamond. You are the facet and the whole diamond at once!

SELF Realisation: Life’s greatest GIFT.

ALL that I AM IS Infinite Silence IS ALL that AM I.

Infinite Silence is that which YOU truly are! Your divine essence.

It is absolute and the animating principle of All that IS. IS = Infinite Silence.

This Realisation is here for you now!

About the Infinite Silence Meditation. 4 min video.

This meditation emerged as part of the Realisation. It can be experienced in either of the videos below.

YOU are already that which you truly seek!

Philip Wade

Are you ready to dive deep? To let all those limiting beliefs dissolve? To fall into Silence? This is YOUR life.

Infinite Silence Meditation, fully guided version 14 mins.

What Meditation really is and The Spheres Meditation 23 mins

Infinite Silence IS…

Truth IS Silence. Infinite Silence. YOU are that.

Out of the Infinite Silence springs forth

Pure Consciousness


Out of no thing comes no thing

You are No Thing

Pure consciousness expressed in infinite variety

One with ALL that IS

A mosaic of infinite colours

Beingness expressed

The observer and the observed

All in One

One with ALL

A drop in the Ocean

And the Ocean in a drop

The Prime Radiant

An Infinite Sphere Of Light



Infinitely powerful



You are Truth experienced in as and through your beingness

One with ALL that IS

Infinite Silence