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Infinite Silence Gateway Location

This image revealed itself in a few days before the experiential realisation of Infinite Silence emerging.

Deeper clarity about it has emerged over time.

Infinite Silence is absolute, before time, before space, before concept, before the universal beingness of I AM.

That which I refer to as Spheres Of Light (pure Universal Consciousness or I AM Presence) is the like the ‘first born’ of Infinite Silence.

‘Spheres of Light is Genesis Meditation Creation ‘Ex Nihilo’ out of ‘No Thing.’

The coloured lines represent the emergence of light, energy and information into our physical experience.

The third part of the trinity or triality consciousness is Form for example human form.

The Poem or Verses below flowed naturally as further signposts once I had reached the point where expression in this physical reality was called for.

SELF Realisation: Life’s greatest GIFT.

ALL that I AM IS Infinite Silence IS ALL that AM I.

Infinite Silence is that which YOU truly are! Your divine essence.

It is absolute and the animating principle of All that IS. IS = Infinite Silence.

“A new way has opened” was a message I heard in the days before the awareness and experience of Infinite Silence crystallised into my waking consciousness on 25/26 May, 2014.

The four minute video below gives a flavour of the Infinite Silence Meditation by way of introduction to it.

The Infinite Silence Experience Video Can be found below on this page.

Use the 30 minute Infinite Silence Experience Video below to help you REALISE the true YOU.

The video immediately below it is detailed insight into the background to and power of the meditation taken from a Live Stream (about 1.5 hours and includes a Guided Experience. You will benefit from using these two videos together.

Open into Infinite Silence – YOU are it already!

Close your eyes and be open to the experience of Infinite Silence.

You may find that you would like to bathe in it, look into the infinite space of Infinite Silence, feel it and more.

Relax and Soak into it like a luxuriating bath.


“Life changing” doesn’t go far enough… the adjective that keeps surfacing re IS is: Profound. Profound in the simplicity of the access–so easy, so effortless; profound in the Expansiveness of the experience. And the Profound Gentle Kindness of the “facilitator”:

Infinite Silence IS…

Truth IS Silence. Infinite Silence. YOU are that.

All roads lead to Home. SOL and IS are the way and Home at once!

Since Spheres Of Light is Pure Consciousness you could say. Spheres Of Light IS.

Spheres Of Light is Infinite Silence

Infinite Silence is Spheres Of Light

They are one

so in truth


An infinitely powerful creative GIFT

Out of the Infinite Silence springs forth

Pure Consciousness


Out of no thing comes no thing

You are No Thing

Pure consciousness expressed in infinite variety

One with ALL that IS

A mosaic of infinite colours

Beingness expressed

The observer and the observed

All in One

One with ALL

A drop in the Ocean

And the Ocean in a drop

The Prime Radiant

An Infinite Sphere Of Light



Infinitely powerful



You are Truth experienced in as and through your beingness

One with ALL that IS

Infinite Silence

So how do I fit into this again? You & the Universe
How do I experience Spheres Of Light?: Your Intention!
Is there a workshop soon?: Events Schedule