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Some years ago, in two separate yet related visions it emerged from Infinite Silence that what is referred to as Infinite Touch and The Open Gaze would be a beautiful gift to share with the world.

They are together a blessing from the Infinite Silence. Not separate but one. In the Hindu Tradition it would be akin to Shaktipat yet this was not something that was even being considered or in my awareness at the time.

The beauty in the experience is manifold indeed limitless. It IS a Communion. Not between individuals but between the Silence and itSELF. The true ONE Self expressed, recognised and REALised on the human level. All part of the trinity of consciousness, the three in ONE:

Infinite Silence, Spheres Of Light (pure Universal I AM or Golden Egg of Creation, Hiranyagarbha) and Form.

Infinite Touch and The Open Gaze are most commonly integrated with the Infinite Silence Meditation a powerful and transcendent gift in itSELF. Depending on the circumstances either or both may be used. As part of the Meditation where the group or individual is open to the experience Philip will, wherever practically possible, move round from person to person in the Meditation space.

The Infinite Touch Meditation Experience: 14 minutes

By simply being Open and participating in the Meditation you can experience the benefits of this experience through this video.

Links to experience The Powerful Open Gaze Meditation is provided here and below on Philip’s Meditations only site.

A light touch on the shoulder marks whose turn it is, sitting directly opposite the person it begins with the power of the Open Gaze. It is a direct seeing eye to eye from the Silence where the awareness of the Realisation is rested. This is usually accompanied by a physical connection with hands or some other simple physical connection.

This seeing is not focused on the apparent person but on the recognition of the shared Unity of the Silence or Absolute Awareness itSELF. Since this is anchored in the form of Philip. It can, for those open to it, be a truly transformative experience:

“After the group final dinner, we all walked out onto the veranda where I was unknowingly to be Gifted with another life-changing experience, even beyond the Gathering. With Aisha/Bente standing to my direct left looking on—the others merrily and loudly exchanging hugs and final words, paying no attention to us three—dear Philip asked me to look deep into his eyes. He told me it was/is called “Open Gaze”. He invited me to literally see and experience what is known as Infinite Silence/All That Is through his eyes. I was deeply sobbing and gazing through constant tears for quite some time even though I was also feeling “I’m not worthy to see this Loveliness, this JOY, this Miracle” and then be shown even more, more deeply. I was stunned into complete Love and JOY as if I had been struck with lightning. I had embraced Infinite Silence, and It had embraced me. Any words I have used for this experience are trite, lifeless and unsuitable to describe this experience, this Gift. There are no words. That JOY-filled experience is etched into my total being-ness.”

“There was no scaffolding, just pure awareness.”

“The eyes were showing me home.”

The experience continues with the Infinite Touch element. In this typically Philip places a thumb on the third eye chakra and the fingers of one hand lightly upon the crown chakra. This approach emerged naturally and was only later observed as in use in spiritual traditions elsewhere. A beautiful confirmation of its inherent divinity that is shared by us all.

This touch phase creates, on the human level, a resonant vibrational field of the Silence. Touch is a fundamental part of the human experience and when it is from a place of truth it’s experience is a blessing from the Silence itSELF unto itSELF.

“It was like being high on morphine.”

“The healing energy truly connected to my soul. In silence communication was in Technicolor beyond words. Feeling so peaceful and my heart is alive in the energy of unconditional love.”

“It is so pure.”

It has for many been an experience beyond words. Peace, Joy for no reason, gratitude, Love, Grace are all words that point at this experience.

There is no separation. Indeed the idea and belief in it suffering. Infinite Touch and The Open Gaze are all about ONEness, Realisation, the experience of the SELF. They are offered as gift from this very essence to this very essence.

It is a Communion. Wholeness or Whole (y) Communion not from one to another but a true ONE to ONE to ONEness.

This then is the essence of Infinite Touch and Open Gaze.

It may be offered in person which is a beautiful opportunity or just as effectively remotely. The key in either situation is simply an openness from the heart to ones highest truth. In this way the perceived blockages dissolve and the experience runs as deep as in service of your truth at that moment.

Once experienced it is a connection that if you choose it will act as an anchor or touchstone to truth for you. For you are already this highest truth. The Infinite Touch and Open Gaze experience is a way of opening you to that. It will work in the way that is perfect for you.

In the first part of the video of Live Stream 7 (video below) Philip answers a question about the experience from someone who has experienced it.

It is very much about you realising whom YOU really are.

If you feel the call then the gift of this experience can be yours. Are you ready?

You can now experience this directly online. A special Live Stream was held as the first ‘official online experience’ of this which was very powerful for everyone and now it has been professionally recorded on the videos/links provided below. It is also explained in the other video.

A website has now to be created dedicated to sharing this gift with the world and you can experience this by clicking on the relevant buttons below.

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