Inner Transformation, Outer manifestation

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Inner transformation is the precursor to divine manifestation.

It’s not the other way round as most of the world has it. Nor is it as many books, videos and the like have it either.

Yes you manifest in your life what you are putting out there in terms of vibration. I’ve experienced this, we all experience this in each moment.

Divine manifestation though is different.

Divine manifestation is not about stuff, things, objects and endless shopping lists.

Divine manifestation is about the grace of truth unfolding perfectly in each moment of your life.

It does this.

At the moment though you more than likely judge what is unfolding. This is good, that is bad. This is not what I wanted. This other thing or experience is. Why don’t I get it the way I want?

With this kind of energy. You are putting out mixed messages to the Universe.

Judgement is not truth. Wants and desires are not truth.

Judgement requires you to embrace the belief you are separate from things, others the universe. You are not. See (We are children of the Ocean & Truth is Unbelievable).

Why not wants and desires?

Because a want or desire means that you believe you lack something. You lack nothing. (See: Losing everything and having it ALL).

You are ALL of it.

When you embrace this totally, utterly, completely. Life unfolds with grace in front of you and that includes those practical elements that are more than just a little bit helpful for living in the physical vehicle – your body.

I’ve experienced challenges just like the next person. Tough experiences too.

I’ve also seen the power of grace unfold effortlessly, beautifully and greater than my wildest imaginings of what was possible.

In this graceful space you know it is just truth unfolding.

In the other space it’s a struggle and you also know that really that is coming from the ego not your heart. Yet you may choose to forget this so that your ego doesn’t have to change or let go.

Grace is space.
Into space love, light and joy flows.
Manifestation follows.

So that’s why I say Inner Transformation, Outer manifestation.

Transform on the inside the rest will follow.

The quick fix outward focused culture we live in does not fit here.

It requires you to look within, see, embrace and totally embrace the truth of you. This requires you to let go all of that which you are not. (See: A case of mistaken identity and also: A matter of Life and Death)

When ALL that you are not is absent. ALL that YOU are is present.



The inner has transformed, indeed transcended.

Manifestation of grace flows from this space.

So the key.

Look within
You will see you are not without!

It’s ALL there. It’s YOU.

Inner Transformation, Outer Manifestation.



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