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To bring a close to 2021 and begin 2022 with a deep commitment to the highest truth you can now benefit from this Live Stream Self Realisation Programme:

  • Pre-Programme and to end 2021 two very important streams to enhance your spiritual and meditation practice.
  • Commencing on New Years Day 2022 an 11 Part Programme that draws out many fundamental issues in Self Realisation and draws out many of the questions Philip has been asked over the Years.

The Pre and Full Programme are designed to be deep dive and profound commitment to bringing about lasting peace, joy for no reason and inner wisdom.

They are supported by a series of seven meditations of increasing duration and silence that you can use over Seven Days, Weeks, Months and Years.

The Programme may also be shared in other formats and platforms and live this year however, this cannot be guaranteed due to amount of time and resources each one takes to produce.

For too long humanity has been focussed on the external world and has lost sight of the infinitely bigger and more significant inner dimensions that when embraced set the tone for inspirational living on this Earthly Plane. Freedom From Suffering.

Is that a calling and commitment that feels resonant for you?

Follow Philip on Insight Timer!

It is the Worlds Largest Meditation App with 19 million users worldwide. It also has a website and streams can be watched on Laptop or Mobile.

If you don’t have the App you can download it to your phone. Search for Insight Timer looking for the singing bowl image below to identify the App.

Philip’s profile can be found by searching for his name and also on this link here!  or by clicking on the singing bowl image.

It is very helpful to follow Philip on the App as you can receive updates as he provides more meditations and insights on there.

Important note: If watching on a Laptop you will need to use a Google Chrome browser which you download to your computer for free. Apparently the lives aren’t compatible with other browsers. There’s no issue with watching on your phone.

Insight Timer: Self Realisation Programme Gateway Location


Please note that Insight Timer and the ‘Teacher’s’ on it are only able to function by the donations it receives.

You will be able to join the App for free, you don’t need to take out a Membership Option.

Note: Streams can be watched on their Website via Laptop using the links below or Mobile.

If you join the Live Streams it is encouraged by Insight Timer to make donations for each one you join. This helps cover their costs and mine in providing this Programme to you. It is understood that, 80% of the donations come to the Teachers. So you will no doubt be asked to register a credit or debit card or similar for this purpose and the donations can be made at any time on the stream or to Philip’s profile specifically.

Replays: Insight Timer does not currently allow this automatically (only just discovered this – it was not made clear up front). All is not lost however, I have access the recording and can, in the interim, make audio only versions available but the first ones will not be available until at least mid January as they are on a Winter Break. I suspect, it’s only a matter of time before this changes.

Insight Timer: Self Realisation Programme Gateway Location


Note each stream has it’s own unique link provided below but it will be easier to follow Philip on Insight Timer and make sure you get notifications there.

Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, What it means to go within! Pre-Programme 1 of 2

Understanding what the phrase really means is a game-changer for Meditation and Self Realisation. Drawing on the Self Realisation experience Philip clarifies the phrase using a practical visual metaphor. Meditation included. This is a pre-cursor stream to the 2022 Self Realisation Programme.

Stream Link here.

Wednesday, 29 Dec 2021, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, A Journey to Silence! Pre-Programme 2 of 2

Silence is central to Enlightenment/Self Realisation yet not fully understood. Philip explains, it isn’t simply the absence of sound. It is much more profound and powerful. Meditation included. This is a pre-cursor stream to the 2022 Self Realisation Programme.

Stream Link here. 

Saturday 1 Jan 2022, 8pm: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Who am I?, 1 of 11

Using a simple yet powerful meditation exercise to open you up to deep awareness Philip clarifies how we easily miss the blindingly obvious gateway to inner peace. Insights and responses to questions included. 11 part (twice-weekly Sat/Wed) Subsequent sessions build upon this fundamental awareness.

Stream Link here

Wednesday 5 Jan 2022, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Beyond Belief!, 2 of 11

Building on Part 1: Who am I? The nature of belief is explored and how it acts as a central block to peace/Self Realisation. A profound real life experience and story is shared to illustrate the insights. The simple and powerful “Who am I?” meditation is further expanded.

Stream Link here.

Saturday, 8 Jan 2022: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Infinite Silence!, 3 of 11

Using a simple metaphor Philip offers profound insight into the nature of the True Self as Infinite Consciousness or Infinite Silence. A guided Infinite Silence Meditation is included that has transformed the lives of many people around the globe.

Stream Link here.

Wednesday 12 Jan 2022, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Fear into Love, 4 of 11

Philip explains how the life-transforming effects of the power of our awareness alone is enough to dissolve all the emotional trauma and challenges that emerge in life. A guided experience is included along with profound insights. This approach has transformed the lives of many people.

Stream Link here.

Saturday 15 Jan, 2022, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Life’s Questions, 5 of 11

The answers we seek have always resided within. Spiritual Inquiry is a keystone in moving beyond suffering and it’s a simple process when you understand the ‘how to’. With practice and openness you will be able to use these simple awarenesses for yourself.

Stream Link here. 

Wednesday 19 Jan, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Trust the heart! 6 of 11

Trusting and Daring not to! This is the key choice we face in every moment in life: Head or Heart. We all know the higher choice yet few truly follow the call. The process is clarified including simple signs we can look out for and how to move beyond pitfalls.

Stream Link here.

Saturday 22 Jan 2022, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, The right path?, 7 of 11

“Am I on the right path?” This is another common question Philip is asked. Simple yet profound insight is offered clarifying how life is always in service of life and leading you home to inner peace and truth. Understanding this is key to dissolving suffering.

Stream Link here.

Wednesday 26 Jan, 2022, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Emotions/Blocks, 8 of 11

Emotions and perceived blocks in life get a bad press and it’s easy to get triggered into suffering, feel confused and lost. Philip clarifies the fundamental cause and the pathway to peace in all situations.

Stream Link here.

Saturday 29 Jan, 8PM UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Relationships, 9 of 11

Relationships are central to life and spiritual experience yet many find them challenging. Philip clarifies what they truly are and the profound difference between attachment and connection. One leading to suffering the other liberation.

Stream Link here.

Wednesday 2nd Feb 2022, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Kundalini IS, 10 of 11

Understanding Kundalini Energy is very important in the Spiritual Journey. It will arise naturally as awareness deepens. It is an energy that is powerful beyond measure and requires care and respect. Important insights are shared and risks from misunderstanding are highlighted.

Stream Link here.

Saturday 5 Feb, 2022, 8pm UK Time: Nothing Special: Enlightenment, Life Meditation!, 11 of 11

Meditation begins as a practice and ends as Spiritual Self Realisation. Philip offers insight how all of life is an invitation to meditation and how to remain present at all times. The purpose of all spiritual practice is clarified and how inner commitment and willingness are fundamentally important.

Stream Link here.

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