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Joy is a perfume emerging from the Infinite Silence
It comes with kindred spirits that are the same in essence
Love, Acceptance, Blessing, Gratitude
As if that’s not enough there’s more in the package!
Grace, Peace, Truth and miracles
This JOY is of the permanent and infinite variety
It relies on nothing, nought, zilch, absolutely nothing at all!
No external circumstance
JOY for no rhyme or reason
It is totally natural
Natural, pure and pristine
Impossible to tarnish in any way
You may clothe it in the rags of mind
But its radiance is there calling you
It springs forth like shafts of light from behind the clouds of mind
Saying here am I
Smell this perfume
The fragrance of the divine
Your body allows you to experience it
It is quiet like the Silence of wide river flowing effortlessly into the ocean
It is the river and the ocean
It flows yet it is also still!
No limits of form has this JOY
It is the Light
All this and more beyond words
This JOY IS YOU expressed
YOUR absolute TRUTH
Infinite Silence births JOY
YOU are Infinite Silence
Be still and know YOU are THAT

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