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Did you know that you already have the best Life Insurance there is?

Really, you may be thinking? Or, I don’t have any Life Insurance, or if you do is it the best?

Seeing an advert about it again on facebook this morning reminded of a message and the realisation and insight to be shared here.

You in your absolute and true SELF are it!

The most complete and perfect Life Insurance there is. This is insurance without a written policy but is unlimited in its coverage, is universal and Infinite. All situations covered, no quibbles about such things as pre-existing conditions. Limitless.

You see here is a great TRUTH.

YOU are LIFE itself!

Life is not something that you have in this body of yours. It is that which you are. It eternal, timeless, formless and beautiful beyond words.

The body is something which you have but not that which you are. Big difference.

Yes your body will pass one day but you in your truth, your essence are eternal. The body you have is a gift from your true SELF to your SELF to experience life in the physical.

Most importantly to realise who you truly are in this body.

This is the greatest opportunity. The joy of this is beyond words and beyond reason. Nothing else comes even close.

Most people, most of us live such fearful lives. The reason for this is simple.

We have forgotten who we truly are. We seek assurances, guarantees and insurances that we will be safe from this that and the other in so many areas of life. It limits our experience of the joy of having a body. We are afraid to do or act upon this that or the other for fear of getting it wrong, being shown up, being criticised and so on. Recognise the problem?

But what if we truly realised that we already perfect, whole and complete?

We are. Our true SELF IS this NOW. Not tomorrow, or yesterday but NOW.

All IS well NOW. No matter what is unfolding your eternal nature is guaranteed. In fact, it is the only true guarantee in the Universe.

Everything fails. You can’t control it.

That is the nature of things. They will always fail, degrade, erode and you can’t control it.

YOU on the other hand are eternal since you are NOTHING or NO THING, yet infinite.

If you are looking for assurances, guarantees in life look no further.

You already have the perfect and best Life Insurance there is and YOU are it.

This experiential realisation, letting go of all that you think you are and allowing the truth of you to be experienced will change your experience of life in the physical.

It will take away the FEAR.

For there will be nothing left but truth. In this space, the heart space there is a great awareness.

Living from the heart is living in the mystery.

There is no more second guessing or trying to control the outcomes of life or need for guarantees. There is instead a pure and absolute trust that all is unfolding perfectly and in divine timing. That ALL that is unfolding is perfect as it is and is a miracle.

Live lived in TRUST, a knowing and experiencing of Divine Truth.

Contrast this to the struggles and suffering of living from the head, the mind, the ego which are all the same thing.

Which do you choose. Truth or the lie?

Put this way, it makes you wonder why you would choose any different. But we do and have because of the conditioning we have embraced.

Here comes your second chance. Choose your absolute TRUTH NOW.

This is the true LIFE INSURANCE!

Now you can watch the 6 minute video on Trusting Your SELF, then experience the 30 minute guided Infinite Silence video. This second experiential video practiced on a daily basis is free and is provided to connect you to your truth. Many people have benefitted profoundly from it. A gift from YOU to YOU!

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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