Life is Death – Death is Life

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Life is Death – Death is Life: Self Realisation

Dying before you die is sometimes used to describe Self Realisation. A Live Meditative Reading of a Poem that stems from the Realisation that flowered in Philip, many years of sharing and also the recent passing into Spirit of his mother. The Poem provides profound insight as why Life is Death and that it’s not something to be feared but a portal to liberation. After the reading Philip provides further insight into Life and Self Realisation using a powerful and simple fibre optic lamp metaphor. He also expands on peoples experiences reported from the Meditation. This episode was originally a Live Stream.

To experience the Infinite Silence Self Realisation Meditation please see Episodes 19 – 25 inclusive. This is a series of seven with durations from 0.25 fully guided to 1.5 hours with increasing amounts of silence.

For more free Self Realisation Resources visit Philip’s 

Monthly Episodes, Next: 2nd February 2024, released at 4pm but usually takes until about 5pm to find its way to the various outlets.




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