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Are you a ‘Lightening Conductor?’

No, its not a spelling error. I really mean ‘Lightening’ as opposed to ‘Lightning.’

In essence, we all are – ‘conductors of light.’ For ultimately that’s what we are all composed of – ‘the light of the stars’.

When you look at yourself this way you can literally see yourself in a new light.

The Lightening Conductor

Many people have commented to me how fast they move through ‘stuff’ with Spheres Of Light – lightning fast.

Many times issues are resolved without the need for any conscious process which certainly makes for an easier journey and that will continue.

But what about when something painful comes into your conscious awareness and wants to be addressed. What then?

Here are some powerful tips that will help you move through the process lightning fast:

  • The instant any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual ‘stuff’ emerges – just notice it as if looking at yourself from the viewpoint of a higher observer, your higher-self. You are in an effective place if it feels like you are ‘looking in’ from the outside as an interested but ‘neutral’ observer. You are not ‘owning’ or ‘becoming’ the issue – it is not who you are. It is merely a message, a communication.
  • Observing from this higher place you remain interested whilst still holding the intent for Spheres Of Light to work with this feeling, this ‘energy’ for that is all it is that has emerged. This intent is, in essence, asking Spheres Of Light to transmute or transform the energy creating a new experience.
  • Continuing to observe with ‘interest’ and gratitude you will notice the old energy dissipate, change or transform into something new, something much more pleasant.

You will know when it is done. Just be grateful for that, let it go and get on with your life.

I’ve seen this unfold so many times with clients and indeed as part of my own journey.

It’s good to know that you can do this for yourself and it also works with a witness.

In fact, if you are open to it a whole series of ‘issues’ can be transmuted in a very short space of time. So much so that it might have taken hours, days or even weeks, months and years to process them without the gift of Spheres Of Light.

Francesca, from Yorkshire said:

“I was surprised by how many major issues, some dating back at least to childhood, were quickly processed during a witnessed engagement. I am really grateful for such a profound and accessible way of healing!”

and Shiela also from Yorkshire adds:

“I experienced images of events and relationships coming into my consciousness which were ready to be acknowledged and released. They came one after the other, very quickly, bringing with them associated emotions, but only being there for one or two minutes each before the next one. They seemed like ‘downloads’ from spirit, as if once I’d set the intention to be open to the best thing to happen it all happened extremely fast, and very efficiently.

I have talked about these events but I believe the ‘energy’ of them that I was still carrying needed to be released to enable me to be free to expand into the next phase of my life. Subtle, gentle, powerful and very efficient!”

When engaging with this process do allow yourself both time and space. Your body is likely to call for rest to allow you to integrate. Listen to it. All is well.

Holding this awareness allows you to truly become a lightening conductor, a conductor of light. It allows you to experience more of the wondrous Sphere Of Light that you are.

Allow yourself to conduct the light, your life, knowing that you, your higher self is the one in charge. How good is that?


Blog originally written for and posted on the Spheres Of Light site: 3 March, 2013

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