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Scheduled streams, Friday’s at 2000 UK time:
15 June, 29 June, 13 July, 27 July, 10 August, 24 August, 7 September, 14 September.

Recordings of Previous Live Streams can be found below:

Live Stream 1: Living Presence, including guided meditation
(about 1 hour)

Live Stream 3: Sumer Solstice (2018) Infinite Silence Guided Meditation
(about 50 mins)

Live Stream 5: Myth Busting about Self Realisation, including guided meditation (about 55 mins)

Live Stream 7: Unpacking the Letter from God, exploring Infinite Touch and Guided Meditation (1 hour)

 Live Stream 2: The Power of Awareness, including guided meditation (about 1 hour)

 Live Stream 4: Self Realisation: Beyond Belief
(about 1 hour)

 Live Stream 6: A Letter from God Reading & Meditation
(about 41 mins)