Living from the heart is living in the mystery

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When you choose to live from the heart and open into your truth the Universe will present you with some big choices and some changes to your plans!

This relates to another question I’m regularly asked in workshops which is:

“How did it unfold for you?”

There’s so much that could be shared in answer to that. Here’s a small facet I haven’t felt called to share before but is instructive.

So, the time was approaching when I was very close to acting on changing the course of my life. From the traditional work perspective I was a ‘hero.’ Working class lad to director of large business. In the prior 18 months thanks to the support of some great people and a receptive client I’d just led the turnaround of a flagship business for the company and helped secure the extension of the contract with the client for 4 years. It was worth something in the region of £200m in fees to the business I worked for. A big business! The client was equally delighted with this for it meant huge benefits for them also. They were ready to add me in a non-executive capacity to their public sector board. This was an honour indeed seeing I was in the private sector and they’d been almost ready to terminate the relationship with the business before the business I worked for had acquired another firm and was given the chance to turn it round. Staff were also feeling a lot more engaged as a result of the process.

Then, to my surprise, a new and equally big business role was being presented that I would have been expected to apply for. It emerged two months earlier than I’d planned to break the big news I was going to pursue my spiritual journey. Oh no, I thought. There’s no way I can keep this as planned. I’d got it all worked out or so I thought. Something is going to have to give. It’s going to look crazy if I don’t apply this other role and I don’t want to break the news yet and there’s there was less than a week in which to act.

My heart was calling loudly to follow and trust. My head was going ‘no this is not how its supposed to be I want to do it later and anyway you’d be great at this new opportunity.’ I called a friend (Rina) in whom my trust was complete. She had gifted me with a great insight some years before. So she said words to this effect: “Really all you are talking about is announcing two months early. You know you want this change. You don’t really want that other role you’ve said so. Why not just tell everyone early. What difference will it make in the long term?” None, I realised. So obvious!! I called my parents just to let them know of the momentous change that was coming for me. They’d only ever wanted me and my siblings to be happy so when I said: “I know if I don’t do this I’ll regret.” In came mum straight away: “Do it.” Followed by Dad. My heart sang.

I wrote the resignation letter. It was going to be a bombshell to the business, the client and many staff and colleagues. Everyone knew I had put heart and soul into the business and it had indeed been a ‘brilliant career’. There were a good few tears as I set out why this all had to end. Rina read it for me and said go for it.

Then a major logistical issue. The diary was packed beyond capacity and I knew the message and letter had to be delivered personally to the MD. It could not afford to be leaked. There was nothing for it but ask my PA to perform a miracle and to do that I’d have to confide in her. She was upset I was going but understood and she was on the case. The MD’s diary was equally mad. It looked impossible and the looming deadline for the other role was approaching.

The Universe of course knew what it was doing all along! Out of the blue it created a window in both our diaries that matched perfectly. I’d just have time to get to London one afternoon to see the MD after an important local leadership meeting I was running.

There it was it was out my ‘heads hands’ my heart had ruled the day, the message was delivered, everyone understood, the CEO called me to say thanks for what I had done for the business and he knew my mind was not for changing. He’d been aware of the complementary healing session I’d done for the Company Secretary about a year earlier. The clients leaders were equally supportive whilst sad I was going.

The message:

Living from the heart is living in the mystery.

You need to let go of how you think things should unfold and be open to miracles. Your heart knows much better.

It will likely challenge you as it did me on this occasion to say “Are you serious about following me? Or do you want to live as you have lived?” It would have been easy to stick with what I knew and basked in that recent success, but frankly whilst I’d enjoyed my career (not many can say that) I knew it was time to go and step into the void and the light. More on this another time.

Live from your heart. You won’t regret it. But be ready for change! 🙂

More and more change was to come all of it truly beneficial, not all of it easy but the realisation of the SELF, Infinite Silence was to emerge in this unfolding and that is the greatest gift to ourselves from the SELF.

There is nothing more than this that you can ask. Indeed you do not need to even ask for it.

If you truly live from the heart, get ready to let go all of that you are not and open into that which you truly are. It will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Living from the heart IS living in the mystery.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


Post Script: Recently I produced this video as a result of exploring a similar question someone had been asking about following their heart and asking “Dare they trust it.” It would have been easy in my own case above not to trust the calling of my heart but suffering would have resulted. Enjoy the video…

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