Losing every thing and having it ALL

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The Ultimate loss is the Ultimate Gain!

The ultimate loss is the loss of identification with who or what you thought you were. This is why is it also the ultimate gain!

Since in losing that identification you finally remember your truth.

This TRUTH is beyond your wildest dreams and imaginings. It is so beautiful, powerful and graceful it is beyond words.

You are so used to identifying with things (See: A case of mistaken identity) that when one loses something like a possession you feel ‘loss’ then more than likely sadness. For sadness is a letting go energy.

Once the sadness of the loss is passed through on the other side you find a space.

A space in which JOY and TRUTH can enter and this feels lighter. Lighter because you are no longer carrying the burden of the identification. It was weighing on you. Weighing the you down!

This losing every thing is not what it first seems then. Many people report experiences where they have truly lost all worldly possessions and then having transformative spiritual experiences.

One that comes into my awareness now is Neale Donald Walsch. If you’ve read any of his books (Conversations with God) you will know he lost everything and then when he was on his knees so to speak ended up having a direct conversation with God. It transformed his experience of life.

The Conversations with God books have transformed many lives. They were a key piece in my awakening.

So is it necessary to physically lose absolutely every physical thing to awaken?


What has to be lost or more accurately released is the identification with those things, the attachment to those things.

When there is a complete absence of these the truth presents itself in you. As YOU!

Why then? Because you have emptied yourself of that which you are not.

When this has been allowed then ALL that is left is ALL that IS!

ALL that truly is which is NO THING yet the space from which everything emerges. The Ocean! (See: We are children of the Ocean).

As Rumi put’s it:

You are not a drop in the Ocean, YOU are the entire Ocean in a drop!

This Ocean is the Infinite Silence a gift shared on this site here. It is experiential for me and it can be for you to if you open in to it. Allow it.

It is YOU anyway. It is NO THING.

That’s why losing everything, that is the identification/attachment with ‘things’ opens the space in which you experience YOU. YOUR truth.

The identification leads to suffering. That’s why the Buddha said life is suffering. It is the identification he was speaking about.

The emptiness, the NO THING is TRUTH.

A thing has limits, boundaries, definitions. You are unlimited, boundary less, beyond words and beyond even the word Infinite.

So that’s why you can lose every thing and have it ALL.




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