Love, Love, Love

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This post is dedicated to a beautiful example of what we can receive when we open our hearts to the truth of the Infinite Silence within. This graceful poem emerged for Lesley Vickers during the January 2016 GiGGLE (Gathering in Grace Gratitude Laughter and Enlightenment) Retreat. In her own words she shares:

  • The poem emerged from one of the meditations, I was left with a wonderful heart energy which made me feel amazing, and I felt drawn to write down how I felt in a poem, something just wanted to express itself through me. I have only written one other poem and that was when I had a spiritual awakening 4 years ago... so I do feel that I connected to source, and that is how source wanted to communicate through my words.

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Love, love, love
This space within my heart is filled with
Love, love, love
The dream we have that we need
Love, love, love
The truth inside us is we are all
Love, love love
Bliss, bliss, bliss
This happiness is found deep within
Us, us, us
A warm oozing joy so high
So gorgeous merging into
Bliss, bliss, bliss
Peace, peace, peace
A deeper trust, an opening, falling into
Space, space, space
A peace so deep it’s Heaven’s place
A deeper gift, so blessed
A Gathering in Grace, grace, grace

Love, Love, Love Gateway Location
Left to Right: Maria, Lesley (author), Louise taken at the GiGGLE Retreat
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