Made in the image and likeness of God

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“Made in the image and likeness of God” was one topic that came up in the Buddha at the Gas Pump interview.

It has been misunderstood. Human beliefs and characteristics have been overlayed on that which is beyond and before all phenomena. Depending upon where one is in the world, where one lived or lives in time there may well be a different belief about this essence that is loosely referred to as God as if we know what it is.

Just some examples which mix up pointers to ultimate reality and belief:

– It’s a ‘he’
– An all loving God
– A judgemental God
– A God who can visit wrath upon the world
– A God that takes sides

The list could go on.

Self Realisation (ultimate non-dual) realisation will eventually reveal that “made in the image and likeness of God” is not God as a human belief but that we too are all ultimately one with that essence, not separate from it but a unified whole with it.

This does not ask you to believe a word I say about it. Actually, I actively invite people to not believe anything here for I would not wish to add to any confusion. Instead to inquire into one’s true nature for oneself. For when that is realised belief will no longer be necessary.

Truth is unbelievable! That is, it is before and beyond limiting belief.

It will be seen to be Infinite and nothing outside of it to believe in.

This kind of inquiry can bring up doubts, fears, challenges to all that we think we know (read believe) about life.

What if we know nothing?

That calls for open-ness, humility, willingness, trust in the unknown…

If it is peace that you seek and, ultimately all do. Silence, more accurately, Infinite Silence/Awareness is the answer.

In Silence you will realise truth. In truth you will realise you are Silence.

Then it will finally be inner-stood what made in the image and likeness of God really points to.

Ready for this? Look inside and see what your heart has to say about it, not your mind, it will only lead you on a wild goose chase of suffering.


If you’d like to see the full interview it’ll take a whopping two hours of your time. Where are you going to get that time from? Life will give you the opportunity if you choose it.

Blessings all whether you feel called to watch it or not.

To embrace even more of your valuable time there’s a bonus video 40 minutes a Meditative Reading of an unexpected share a few years ago: A letter from God.

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