Making the choice for Truth

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Making the choice for your highest Truth is the great gift of Life. If it is your consistent top priority above all else it will lead you Self Realisation.

It will bring an end to suffering.

Now this choice is beyond what we would call a traditional desire. A desire is seeking something that you do not have. The Realised Self you already are but you are likely to have forgotten this and so suffering is your companion.

This choice is about following the deepest calling of the heart. It is not a temporary or fleeting thing it is that which if you are alert to has always been present but you haven’t understood or noticed as a result of the conditioning you have undergone.

It is said the Buddha was asked what had he gained by the Realisation. It is reported he said words to the effect nothing but had left behind suffering.

Herein is the crux of the issue. You will NOT gain anything for you are already it. It thus also NOT something to be achieved. It IS here to be Realised.

This point is emphasised for herein is a fundamental mistake that trips up many on the spiritual ‘path’. Self Realisation is made into a goal and by making it a goal you push the experience of it away from you. Right now you can be on the cusp of it. If total surrender were present here NOW it would be yours and you would Realise it and you would also Realise it is a non-personal thing.

So a key part of Self Realisation ‘The Chosen ONEness’ as was spoken of in the sister post is about calling off the search. It is not outside of you, it is not in your relationships, it is not in another whom you consider to be your guru or master it is in YOU as YOU NOW.

It isn’t a doing. It is an allowing.

For the Realisation to emerge though all that you are not has to be dropped. That means your beliefs, ideas, concepts, attachments and identifications with anything less than the absolute truth of who you really are. All of it has to go. For these elements are the root of the suffering in the first place.

Herein is the biggest block that most experience: Belief.

In dropping your beliefs about who you are ego will ask pointedly but who will I be if I let all this go? Answer: Nothing but Infinite Silence or Isness.

This it will not like one bit. After all, you may have worked hard, stretched far, made many sacrifices to be who you are right now and the Realisation invites you to drop it all.

This doesn’t mean by the way that you need to be on the streets and destitute. That could be part of your path but more importantly it means dropping the identification, attachment and most importantly the belief in those things. That those things are you and somehow your happiness or life is dependent upon them. It is not. Very simple.

By holding onto these things and believing in these things in this way you make your happiness dependent upon that which is impermanent. This brings suffering for those things change.

On the other hand, placing your trust, absolute trust in that which is permanent, your ultimate truth Infinite Silence or Isness it becomes a knowing a Realisation of the Self. This SELF is permanent, eternal, formless, timeless essence and YOU are that.

The question comes then do you follow this Life Opportunity of The Chosen ONEness or do you go with vastly less than that. Is it that things are so important as they are that they are worth giving up this opportunity? Going with the way society has conditioned you to be. Does the apparent discomfort of making that choice seem to scary? If so, to whom is it scary? Could this be ego. Yes.

Ego which isn’t the bad guy as was mentioned in the previous post but is programmed so to speak to maintain smallness and identification, attachment and belief and thus create suffering that can become so great that it is dropped eventually anyway.

There is no right or wrong about this. There’s no prizes or race. It is just a huge Invitation to the highest truth of who you really are. It is, ultimately inevitable, for you are already it. It may be in this body or another. You have the choice right now.

The Chosen ONEness.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,


Below is a 30 minute free Infinite Silence Experience Video. If you have arrived at this post first you are invited to read the ‘sister and prior’ post The Chosen ONEness here.

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