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Spheres Of Light and Infinite Silence are a Gift to Humanity

Profoundly simple

Power beyond words

Transforming lives

Gifted with the insights in August 2011 and May 2014 I am guided to share these gifts freely with the world.

Are you interested in  Spiritual Transformation?

elevating your consciousness

aligning with your innate joy

being part of the change

Then these events are for you!

Event details below and to register follow the links.

Donations to cover costs are greatly appreciated to support the continued sharing of these gifts with the world in a radically open way.

  • I attended The Spheres of Light workshop today and I can honestly say it was the best workshop I have ever attended!

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    Clare Eastham, Lancashire, UK
  • The Spheres Of light [Workshop] has been one of the most incredible days ever, in fact I would go so far as to say it has been somewhat of an Epiphany!

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    Simon Whitehead
  • I feel like a new person since attending the [workshop] in January. The peace and healing in the room was out of this world, and the energies too. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be there.

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    Dennis Crabtree
  • I wish to thank Philip, for the amazing workshop on 11 January, 2014. So simple but so powerful, and what an experience!!

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    Maria Gibson
  • The Spheres of Light for me was an experience of pure consciousness and a connection with the heart, transporting me to a place of blissful stillness. This is truly having your soul dipped in divine Light.

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    Dr Christine Behan


Inspirational, Insightful and Informative Workshops:

Spheres Of Light & Infinite Silence, Saturday 13 June, 2015 – The Harmony Hub, 1-3 Park Road, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 1QS.

In further celebrating the birthing of the new venture at The Harmony Hub a Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence workshop will take place on 13 June, 2015.

It includes: the experience of SOL, Infinite Silence (the new way) and inspiration for integrating SOL/IS as a way of life & being a SOL/IS emissary.

Whether you’ve attended a workshop before or not you are very welcome to join us. Places are currently limited so early booking is advisable.

The Harmony Hub

Mid 2015 Events Gateway Location

The event is Free though donations to cover costs are greatly appreciated. Bookings for the event is ONLY accepted by the link above to Eventbrite in order to make the administration of the event easy for all concerned. Eventbrite also has a waiting list facility with automatic notifications for those on the list.

Late June/Early July date TBC – Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence Workhop – The Sanctuary of Healning, Langho, Blackburn, Lancashire

Mid – late June, possible SOL IS Retreat, Tuscany, Italy  – under discussion with people who have approached me.

Later in the Year Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence Retreats – House of Light, North Yorkshire.

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Life changing – Lin, Los Angeles, US

The Harmony Hub offers a range of Holistic and talking therapies, groups, workshops and events with the shared focus of helping people to be the best they can be.

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A workshop in progress

Mid 2015 Events Gateway Location

During a break

It was a very powerful experience and was entirely as you described beforehand. Ildiko, Hungary & Crete

After the ‘spheres of light’ in Orizon so much happened in me and the most benefit was, that it shifted my energy and things around me just changed by themselves. Susanne Schwing, Germany & Crete

Are you looking for a workshop near you? Then you can consider hosting an event. If you can provide: a suitable venue (cost met by your group) – ideally light/spacious, enough attendees and donations sufficient to cover my costs to you then I will consider that option.

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