Mission Impossible

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to experience who you really are!

This message will self destruct after you read it.

So you have heard those opening words many times if you were a fan of the Mission Impossible series and films. What about considering those in relation to your life?

Does it feel like Mission Impossible at times, is it a struggle, has there been pain and suffering just to actually live? So most of us are going to answer yes to that.

Living from the head, mind or ego which are all the same thing is a real fight and struggle and it will be ever thus. Why is that?

It is because living from this space you are living from a very limited and conditioned perspective of the world, the Universe. You have been conditioned to believe in your thoughts creating limiting beliefs and this causes all sorts of suffering.

Ego wants to control you and protect you. Protect you from what? Its demise!

About a year ago I was called to write a piece about ego called “Death of Salesman.” It was a beautiful message. For ego is like that a salesman! It is said that a good salesman can “sell sand to the Arabs or ice to the Eskimos” in other words things you don’t need.

No wonder life can be a struggle then or feels like Mission Impossible.

So how do we move on from this situation? Well, the answer is simple but widely misunderstood with misplaced trust in its practical application.

Live from the heart.

Simple enough to say. But here is the thing, because of the conditioning we overlay living from the heart with the conditioning from the ego and expect things to change and end up with very mixed results.

Ego wants control, a plan, guarantees, to protect itself and its own way.

Heart knows all is well, chooses flow and free form, needs no protection and divine mystery.

A huge difference!

So no wonder fear comes up not long after you’ve had a calling from your heart for a particular course of action. Ego fears losing control, it kicks back in and starts to question what the heart is calling you too. Making you doubt its calling.

As Ramana Maharshi put it in relation to spiritual truth:

“Doubt the doubter!” Doubt ego in other words not your true SELF.

The heart never lies.

There’s another simple yet crucial misunderstanding also that is central to living from the heart and the realisation of who you are. It is this:

You think and believe it is something you have to gain, to work at or to be worthy of.

These things you cannot do!


You cannot do them because of this profound truth:

You are already that which you truly seek!

Your divine essence has not gone anywhere it is here NOW and that is what you truly are. You cannot be anything else. However, you can think and believe you are not it and thus create the experience of feeling like you are not it. You suffer as result.

Back to Mission Impossible.

Spiritual Self-Realisation or Enlightenment is often approached as a task a mission. A Mission Impossible.

It is a Mission Impossible!


Yes, how can it be mission if you are already it? Simple.

You have to completely let go of the idea it is something to be attained. It can only be realised.

You are already there!

However, you don’t experience it because of all your conditioning and belief in that. So here comes another ego trap. You embark on working at letting all the crap go by approaching it from the ego. It becomes a self improvement mission!

You cannot improve upon the true SELF.

So what to do? Nothing. Call off the search. Stop.

Stop. Listen. Say yes and commit!

Stop doing. Stop busyness. Stop activity.

Listen, open into the quiet space. The space of Infinite Silence. (Guided experience below). Listen to its quiet voice.

Say an unequivocal YES to its calling.

Commit wholeheartedly to its truth. No second guessing.

Now this to the head may sound like doing but it isn’t really. It is an allowing. That is very different.

You see your heart knows what you are ready for. It will be your spiritual compass and it will help the flower within unfurl in the way that is perfect for you.

You have to give it space.

You have to: STOP, LlSTEN, SAY YES and COMMIT.

If you keep listening to the doubter, the ego it is going to make SELF Realisation or Enlightenment feel like Mission Impossible and you will feel no better off.

You have to TRUST the process. It is a letting go. An allowing.

By following ego you will make it a Mission Impossible.

By following your heart it will be a divine unfolding.

Choose the latter, it will be the greatest decision of you life.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to have no mission at all!

Just embrace totally, utterly, completely that which you truly are the Infinite Silence.

This self, the small self, ego will self-destruct, nothing will be left!

But TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH… and it will be YOU in your divine essence!

Make a daily habit of stopping, listening, say yes and committing starting NOW. Then you will realise one day that your mission was already accomplished!

From Mission Impossible to Mission Already Accomplished. What a beautiful realisation.

Here is the 30 minute guided Infinite Silence experience video once again. It will connect YOU to YOU.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


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