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Self Realisation: Non-Duality & Relativity (Originally shared on LinkedIn and Facebook May 2024)

With all the talk of non-duality, one might get the impression that duality (the relative experience) is a ‘bad guy’ and that we must escape it or avoid it at all costs.

That’s not what the non-dual, Self Realisation pointings are about. Not in the slightest.

In the same way sound is nothing without Silence.

Non-duality is nothing without Duality (Relativity). Literally nothing.

In other words you cannot experience sound without the permanent backdrop of Silence. Sound indeed all vibrations appear within an Infinite field of Silence.

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The dual (relative) experience appears within the field of non-duality and without both there would simply be Silence Absolute. No experience. Nothing at all.

Non-duality, Self Realisation isn’t about dissing or dismissing the dual experience it’s about recognising that the non-dual Infinite Silence is at the heart of all experience.

It’s about realising the source of lasting peace is within you, is your truth now.

Then you can truly embrace the human experience for it is the vehicle through which you are invited to realise this eternal truth.

Our human relationships (relativity again) are truly a blessing beyond measure for they are fundamental to us seeing, realising our truth.

Everyone has experienced being triggered by them at some point.

Those triggers are treasures! Yes, treasures.

This isn’t about condoning inappropriate behaviours. The trigger is a treasure because it’s inviting you to realise that within you, as the truth of you there is a silent witness or awareness that is always untouched by anything.

This is the Silence/Awareness within and it wouldn’t be experiential without the dual experience.

They go hand in hand.

The Infinite and the finite are one.

This is key to how you will experience true connection.

Footnote: When Einstein wrote down General and Special Relativity it was a Realisation. He didn’t learn it, it was already there in the Universe and it was Realised.

The point of mentioning it here, whilst it’s almost exclusively discussed in connection with physics and movements of celestial bodies in space-time… it’s worth inner-standing that Relativity in it’s widest sense not just Einstein’s theories is fundamental to how the Universe works!

He realised something important in physics and… it’s not a million miles from Realising Ultimate Truth. From all I’ve read he was deeply interested not just in physics but life itself…

Philip was a Civil Engineer in a previous life and deeply interested in physics… but also in the applied sense… this Self Realisation is the Ultimate Applied Science.

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