Not Knowing

 In Self-Mastery

“I know you think you understand what you thought you heard but I am not sure if you realise what you heard is not what I meant.” Alan Greenspan

This quote and variations on it pop up from time to time and it actually also points to a very important aspect of Self Realisation.

People can hear and read many things about it and there may well be a sense of some understanding though it’s equally possible there’ll be confusion as well.

In a very important way, it can be helpful to be confused rather than think (read believe) you understand the guidance or pointing at any time.

Why is that?

True understanding in Self Realisation is really an inner-standing. An experiential knowing, seeing or clarity that emerges from within. It was always there yet most often masked by the ego-identity self’s very limited perception.

Not Knowing Gateway Location

I see aha or light bulb and significant shifts in consciousness a lot and the critical constant reason they occur is that temporarily at least the filter of the ego has dropped.

When that’s happened it’s common to hear people say: “I must have heard you say that many times yet today it really hit home.”

It’s not because I have taught people something they do not know, it’s because as that word ‘Realisation’ in Self Realisation is there for a profoundly important reason:

That which you are seeking: Inner-Peace, Truth, Wisdom is already there as your very essence it’s simply waiting to be realised by getting out your own way.

It will not come through the thinking or critical mind. Ever. Far more effective to be open to not knowing, being confused and an inner humility about it. These all surprisingly from the minds perspective are all entry points to deeper awareness.

“…. what you heard (read) is not what I meant.”

Key Meditation Inquiry: Who am I without or before knowledge.

This will open a doorway within when applied with sincerity.


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