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Not the 10 O’Clock News

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Amazing and beautiful experiences and insights unfold at a Gathering in Grace
People come along with wide open hearts
They’re amazed at the profound simplicity
That’s what it’s like with Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence
Sooooo Simple!
The simplicity blows them away
Blows their minds
So that hearts and souls are listened to
Deep in Infinite Silence
Some experience a deep clearing of baggage that just doesn’t serve them
Isn’t their truth at all
Some, perhaps many, drop right into the Infinite Silence
Realise they are Nothing
Not a Thing
Yet Infinite
So beautiful they want to stay there forever
The great news IS they are, everyone IS!
There forever
That nothing ness IS their absolute TRUTH
Revealing itself!
The releasing or Great Cleansing is unfolding
A great JOY it is to witness this
A great JOY to experience
The perfume of Grace
This is the greatest NEWS story in the UNIVERSE
The unfolding and emergence of TRUTH
Yet it’s NOT The 10 O’Clock News!
Instead it’s much more important than that!
It makes instantaneous and Universal News Every Time
It’s a headline story
The whole Universe Rejoices
At people opening to their TRUTH
Within them, through them as them
Not The 10 O’Clock News

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