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Many years ago my partner decided it would be a great idea to visit a Theme Park as an escape from my demanding work schedule. We had a whale of a time tried and ended up visiting many such parks. On one such visit we came across the then newly opened ride at Alton Towers, UK.

OBLIVION: apparently the worlds first vertical drop roller-coaster.

Stood in the queue it looked pretty jaw-dropping as the vehicle manouvered slowly at quite a height from its horizontal position to hang over the vertical drop for a few seconds before being released into free-fall then into a dark-hole or void at terrific speed travelling underground whilst levelling out and then emerging into daylight again and climbing to the top of the platform.

It’s definitely a heart in your mouth moment as you dangle there before the drop! We loved it.

May be we were a little mad. Who knows. Oblivion-Liberation-Self-Realisation Gateway Location

The name of this ride came to me again (June 2021) and it was immediately clear it could serve as useful metaphor and insight for Spiritual Self Realisation the ultimate liberation.

You see the Realisation of the True Self can be akin to this. That which we truly are the Infinite Silence is totally and utterly non-personal. A complete absence of identity, form, time and space and indeed any phenomena whatsoever.


Infinite Silence. Life itSelf.

Oblivion-Liberation-Self-Realisation Gateway Location

Image: DAllardyce, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Teetering on the edge of Oblivion (Self Realisation) for the ego is very much a heart in its mouth moment. It will seek to hang on to its story for its life. It is now facing its greatest fear: Death or Annihilation of the identity.

It clings on for dear life. Or, more accurately, as it perceives life to be: the body-mind story attachments, beliefs and thus experiences. Indeed completely oblivious to the true nature of Life as Infinite Silence.

Once ‘surrendered’ to the inevitable, the free-fall down the vertical drop into the void is completely unstoppable. There’s literally no going back at this moment on this universal ride.

The fear may be huge and overwhelming yet it is comfortably and, with Infinite Power, ‘held, witnessed and embraced’ by the Infinite Silence and in the totality dissolves into nothing. No-thing. The Infinite Silence itSelf.

OMG I Infinite I am that: Infinite Silence.

Always have been always will be.

Everything has changed and nothing has changed.

Everything in the sense of whom I believed I was: the body mind was not the case. It is something I have but not that which I am.

Nothing has changed in the Infinite Silence has never not been present. It is always untouched, unmoved, unblemished utterly complete as it IS.

Amazingly, from this beyond the phenomenal realm: Infinite Silence the appearance of the physical world and all its experience emerges once again. Just like coming out of the underground void on the Oblivion ride.

Except now the perspective has changed totally.

If this is embraced totally life will never be the same again for it will be seen one IS Life eternal.

The emotional charge can dissolve instantly in this moment or more often a process of it being gradually dissolved over some time will follow. The trust in the Silence, Life itSelf can now be complete. It will appear as a choice.

It is wise to embrace it: Infinite Silence to avoid having to return to deep suffering. Some do this not trusting the realisation. The reasons can be many but a lack of access to a truly Realised Being can be one.


Life, the Universe, Infinite Silence which YOU truly are knows what it is doing.

Now the Liberation can be total. A truly anchored Self Realisation in and as itSelf. The fear of life dissolved.

YOU are here for this!

Ready for Oblivion (Self Realisation)?

Oblivion-Liberation-Self-Realisation Gateway LocationOblivion-Liberation-Self-Realisation Gateway LocationOblivion-Liberation-Self-Realisation Gateway Location

This post first shared on Facebook Page in June 2021, added to Website April 2023.

Below is a clickable button link to a freely accessible Audio Self Realisation Programme on Insight Timer and below that a selection of short videos relevant to the post.

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