ONE Constant

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You may have heard or even used the phrase in relation to our world:

“Change is the only constant!”

Perhaps this phrase has been disconcerting to you, for it holds true in relation to temporal things.

However, there is great news!

Ultimately, there’s only ONE Constant and it is YOUR absolute truth.

It is a shared truth. It is Infinite Silence. The very source of you and all.

This, by its very nature, is infinite, eternal, timeless, formless and unchanging a true constant!

When this is realised in your experience you will know it is, in fact, your true SELF.

In the embodied life most of us seek solace in somethings never changing but find that everything changes no matter how slow or fast. That can cause great suffering when we are identified, attached to or believe in things.

People generally want to have something at least to hold on to.

Infinite Silence speaks:

Everything fails.

and adds

You can’t control it!

So, how do we remain centred in inner peace in a world and indeed a universe that is forever changing? To the mind which is the same as ego the above messages are causes of great distress and lead to fear.

To your universal heart it is the pointer to the greatest realisation:

That YOU, your very essence is that unchanging truth. Nothing else. Just your absolute truth.

YOU are that.

This is an enormous realisation. Infinite. Yet is so.

It’s not something to believed in for it can only be experienced. Once touched the awareness deepens and anchors until it is you permanent experience. This could be in an instant or a longer unfolding. Neither is higher or greater than the other.

It just IS.

Looking outside of you to things whether they be people, family, friends, objects and even thoughts and emotions will not reveal this.

It is not there.

It is YOU.

There is nothing outside of you in truth. There are no others. Just ONEness.

The ONE Constant.

Look within and you will see you are not without.

The ONE Constant you have been seeking for a lifetime or even many lifetimes has been with you all along.

Waiting to be revealed. Uncovered from the overlay of egoic mind that you have believed into, identified with and attached to your experience.

Let go of the belief in all that is less than your absolute truth and automatically the identification and attachment goes also.

A space opens up. More accurately a realisation emerges.

SELF Realisation.

All along that which you have been seeking is realised. Made real in your experience.

The ONE Constant.

This is your pathway to peace. It is a pathless path. For you are already it.

There’s nothing you can do about it. There’s nothing you have to do. Nothing to prove.

Just allow.

The ONE Constant to reveal itSELF in YOU, through YOU as YOU.

ONE Constant.


Blessings as Infinite Silence,



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