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What is the most expensive thing you have bought in your life?

Right now you may be thinking of your house, your car, a holiday perhaps or some other possession?

But NO, those are not the most expensive! How do I know? I may not have even met you!

The most expensive thing you’ve bought into, invested virtually all of your life and time into is an untruth or lie about who you really are!

The cost to you has been enormous both in monetary terms, how we most often think of expense, but, most vitally, in the loss of the memory and recognition of YOU.

Beautiful YOU.

VAST is this expense and worse still you may continue to invest in this untruth for the rest of your life.

Everyone has made this vast investment in untruth at some point. Then a small number awaken. They remember something, hear a distant inner calling and start to investigate.

A realisation that there must be more to life than is being made out.

It’s an Open Secret that this expense is huge. So much of an Open Secret that virtually no-one talks about it. If the subject is raised it is, most often, quashed as the meanderings of someone whose lost their marbles.

So much of an Open Secret that most of the world has forgotten the fact of the matter.

That YOU are much more than you have been taught to believe.

Living in the lie brings great suffering, hard work, lack of true belonging and more.

Yet, waiting in the wings, indeed ever present, is a quiet inner voice, a stillness that will eventually whether in this life or another get your full, undivided, attention.

That will be a joyful day. Eternal in its remembrance.

Yet here is another Open Secret.

This remembrance, the truth is FREE.

It not only is FREE it will also set you FREE.

Further, if it doesn’t do these things you can be absolutely sure it isn’t the TRUTH!

Moving away from investing in the lie can be costly. Costly to the ego that is.

So heavily invested are we in the ‘lie’ that we identify with it totally. Great angst, sadness and a myriad of other emotions will emerge as the movement back to truth unfolds.

These are not what they first seem to you. Yes, they will feel uncomfortable in your body, your heart and so on but actually they are a gift!

A gift? How is this so?

A gift because they are an energetic message from the body saying. You’ve been carrying and ignoring this pain for years in many cases and I’m showing up now so you can look me in the eye and release and transform me into my truth.

These emotions are locked up energy, compressed, contracted and bursting to be released and given half a chance they will be.

Once fully released they are gone. A space is created or opened out into which pours the light of your truth.

Conversley, if they are held onto or only partially released they will keep on knocking at your door until you eventually get the message. This can manifest as myriad emotional, mental and health issues.

They want to get out and go!

Another Open Secret.

You know all this already. You may have chosen to forget it because it seems convenient for now to stay invested in normal life. More convenient than allowing the natural life to unfold beautifully.

Convenient for whom?

Your ego!

Your ego which is so invested in its identity that it will do everything it can with the energy you have given it to maintain its identity until you finally let go.

Your ego is in a game with all the other ego’s out there. Playing games of bigger, smaller, faster, stronger, more beautiful, more ugly, weaker, stronger and so on. It loves this game. It’s like actors in the game of life or, more accurately, not life but an existence.

Yet another Open Secret.

Some, many even, may try to convince you that this existence is a great life. That you can manifest all your desires if you know:

The Secret.

The secret to manifestation. Yet all these tips, tricks and so forth are just that tips and tricks. Yes you can have ‘success’ in manifesting worldly things. I’ve done it and all of the above with ‘success.’

My ‘former life’ as I like to refer to it, was a ‘success’ by many societal measures. From a working class background to director of a large business, at the top of my game. Well liked by clients, staff and the business.

Yet I knew for some time before I left it all behind that this was no longer the direction for me.

The inner voice had been heard loud and clear.

I went through the ‘pain’ of letting many things go to realise the dream:

Allowing the space in my life for the truth of me to unfold.

Many admired and thought this was a courageous step. Some may have thought I was mad. For me after a considerable release it was, eventually, easy. I never regretted it. It was the perfect choice at the perfect time.

The Open Secret that there is more to life than worldly success was openly on my agenda and everyone who knew me knew about it.

Many looked on with awe, some with the thought they couldn’t do that!

They could, you can. Re-invest in YOUR SELF.

It’s no secret there’s more to you than you realise as in make REAL.

You are, paraphrasing Marianne Williamson: a child of God born to make manifest glory of God within us.

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