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This site is for YOU! To help you open the Gateway that is Located within.

That’s why it has the name Gateway Location. Simple really. Yet when I was ‘given’ the name in the dream state somewhere around 2006/2007 I had no idea it would take me 7 (yes seven) years to finally publish this site to share its gifts with the world.

Let me share some edited highlights of this journey for it will reveal a message to YOU as well!

Opening the Gateway within Gateway Location

May be I was a bit slow on the uptake in taking on board messages I was given around that time in a deep meditation:

The ‘Gift of light’ and the name ‘Rasul’.

I must have thought they had some significance for I wrote them down on a ‘Post It’ note and then must have promptly forgotten them until I rediscovered that note some years later as my now wife and I were helping move stuff from one house to another.

This ‘Post It’ note came to light in more ways than one at that later time. For by then I’d had the awareness of Spheres Of Light and had already seen its transformative effects for me and for many others around the world.

I had one of those big AHA moments…

Oh so Spheres Of Light was the Gift of light!

Bingo – that part of the note made a lot more sense now. Rasul though was still a puzzle until unbeknownst to me Sue searched for it and found it. It was a coded message to reinforce that Spheres Of Light was a gift for me to share. A Rasul is in simple terms a kind of messenger with something new and significant to share with the world…

Opening the Gateway within Gateway Location

Spheres Of Light… it was so simple and profound only requiring your heart-based intention.

It took me a good while longer to fully accept truly that this was also the Gateway and the Location and that it was within me. Even after the awareness of SOL and its transformative effect I was ‘bombarded’ with affirmations of various forms perhaps the most significant a message in a deep meditative state one morning being:

“I am the Wolf that laid the Golden Egg.”

What? It turned out Wolf was a “Teacher” that shared spiritual messages with the family in my Native American animal totems book. The family in this case being anyone who comes or touches SOL.

The Golden Egg was more of puzzle and it took another strong prompt to get me up in the middle of the night with a new clue to then find that it was a reference to the Golden Egg of Creation. A powerful affirmation that reminds us of our Innate Creativity. That we can create higher outcomes in our life by embracing the gift. Another AHA moment!

That wasn’t the final piece either! Even though I was following the urge to both embrace SOL for myself and share it with others it took several reminders from a variety of people from around the world to directly say:

You are the Gateway. It is YOU.

There in lies the Key. It is within. I am the Gateway and so are YOU.

You are a magnificent Sphere Of Light and have power beyond your imagination.

I had another huge positive affirmation earlier this year when I came across a most beautiful video below courtesy of the “

Its imagery and music resonated so much with Spheres Of Light, The Golden egg and more. It’s a must watch. Several times if necessary… the words and the images – it could have been made for this site!

The video will now longer embed hear due to changes by it’s creator which is totally understandable but you can see it on YouTube here.

If there is one thing to take away from this edited highlights tale I’m sharing with you today:

Don’t take as long as me to embrace the gift within you. It can be much quicker!

It requires though a letting go of who you thought you were and acceptance of your true divine nature. Simple?

Yes and No.

Yes it’s simple because your True Nature is already within you.

It is YOU.

No because we find it so hard to accept that we truly are magnificent beings, infinite in nature and beyond words.

So on this site, I am distilling the essence of the insights in a really simple and completely openly available (known as Open Source) way. No entry costs, no need to jump through this hoop and that hoop. All here on this site. What’s more there are two free or donate only if you wish workshops to deepen the experience, videos, blogs and other resources I will continue to add as the site develops.

I should state, ultimately its not about the quantity of information, the quality is vital but even more so than that is opening to and accepting that which is within you. One insight from within:

“Truth is a Realisation not a belief.”

That TRUTH is within you.

Experience is yours and yours alone and it will be your greatest teacher.

This site provides incredibly simple and powerful gifts to help open you to YOUR TRUTH. Spheres Of Light and Infinite Silence and YOU are all ONE. You are Three in one. One day you will realise that. That day will be wondrous.

Embrace and enjoy the gifts and allow yourself to experience your life as Masterpiece of Joy.

I feel this JOY within. It is still. It is quiet. It is transformative and its power grows all the time.

Of course, life continues to emerge and unfold. May be a challenge here and there… followed by the melting away of that and the stepping into a new level of awareness each time. I don’t know what will happen next but that’s the fun. I was given this phrase:

“Living from the heart is living in the mystery.”

The more I let the mystery unfold the more beautifully, gracefully and wondrously life unfolds before me! It’s only when the separate ‘I’ or the egoic “I” gets in the way a challenge emerges.

JOY is the natural you – a connectedness with the whole Universe.

Blessings and know that Spheres Of Light and Infinite Silence are already with you.

Opening the Gateway within Gateway Location
Opening the Gateway within Gateway Location
Opening the Gateway within Gateway Location
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