Opinion vs Experiential Spiritual Truth

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The world is full of opinions! Not only full of them but they are actively being thrown at you from every direction.

There’s around 8 billion people on the planet right now and that’s 8 billion unique points of view or opinions on any and all subjects. That’s a lot of opinions!

So, no wonder it’s so easy for us to get conditioned into believing what the world has to say about us.

Do this! No, do that. It’s this way. No, it’s the other. I am right. You are wrong. My way or no way. You are this body and you should…

You are a man. You are a woman.

All of it not true! It’s simply thoughts with the added weight of personal egoic belief.

A potent mix!

Experiential spiritual truth on the other hand can feel like it’s in short supply!

Yet its source is Infinite. Infinite Silence. It is in us all.

It is us ALL.

It is TRUTH.

The whole TRUTH and No Thing but the TRUTH.

Therein ‘lies’ the challenge. It’s (TRUTH’s) limited expression isn’t TRUTH. But we take it to be.

Speech is at best an honest lie. While Silence at worst is a naked verity.

From the book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimy.

The instant we use words to express something it’s really as the quote says at best an honest lie. If that expression is loaded with personal belief you can be sure it is a lie!

A lie because ultimate truth does not require belief. Belief comes from personal egoic expression. Belief seeks one to believe in something you have not experienced, something outside of you.

Silence relies on nothing. It is nothing. No thing. Yet infinite! Eternal. Timeless. Formless. Infinite Silence. Truth.

It rests in YOU. YOU are it. IT is YOU. This YOU is the Infinite YOU.

It has no opinion. It is free from judgement. It is freedom itself. Beyond even the concept of freedom!

It is impossible to truly express that in words. The words can only offer pointers.

Direct spiritual experience in this body speaks beyond the words, beyond feelings, beyond emotions. A sort of feelingless feeling.

It is absolute awareness. An unsaid knowing.

So to get to the truth, your truth only YOU can do this.

This is why so many spiritual masters have said over the millennia this in various forms.

Do not believe a word I say for truth is an experience not a belief.

You have to drop all your beliefs to be open to full power of truth. Don’t believe these words. Instead listen in the quietness of your heart and soul beyond the words. Listen to that ultimate truth that YOU are. This will point the way for its expression you.

The opinions of others are of no use to you. Do not serve you in the slightest. Except in the surety they are not TRUTH! So no need to believe them or take them on board as if they were your own. They are not.

Instead for everything always listen to your own truth. It’s that quiet voice within. It waits infinitely patiently to commune with you. All that wisdom lies inside of YOU.

Its message will take away ALL that you are not. It will annihilate ALL of that and what will be left is nothing at ALL. That is TRUTHFUL and Beautiful (See: Being Nothing).

To the ego this is the greatest threat.

To the heart and soul the greatest JOY.

Blessings in Infinite Silence,


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