Out of the Darkness Into the Light

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Have you been living in the dark?
About your truth?
Most have
So you are not alone
You are in the majority
Most of us think and believe we are a body and that’s about it
A body that is subject to the vagaries of time
Next it is believed we are a personality
We are judged, accepted or rejected by that
Is this all there is to YOU?
Is there more than this?
Are you in the dark about your truth?
Have you listened to the calling of your heart recently?
Most likely the answer for most of us is:
The head rules the day does it not?
It’s a mushroom manager
It keeps you in the dark!
How can you listen to your heart and soul?
The answer is profoundly simple
Just be open to the experience of Spheres Of Light – Infinite Silence
They are your essence
Pure Consciousness and the Power that creates it
Infinitely Powerful is this
Sooooo simple
Therein lies the power
No head stuff, ego, mind in the way
You are in for a big surprise!
You will find you are NOTHING
Yet infinitely powerful
A thing like your body has limits
Your essence, your truth has NONE
Totally Unlimited
Totally Free
Come out of the darkness
Shed some light on your truth
It’s within you
Always has been, Always will be
Nowhere to look but you
In this moment
Not in the past
Nor the future
Illuminating is this truth
Your widen open heart is a light beyond measure
You can step Into the Light
Of your TRUTH
Open your heart
Into the Light!

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