Past Present, Future Present

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Past Present, Future Present, Present Present.

This is the answer that came this morning. The question that had been asked was: What is Past? and then What is Future?

It makes perfect sense when you REAL_ise that all there is is NOW.

This moment NOW is all you ever experience.

Past as we THINK of it is only a memory and ‘memory has poor vision.’

Future as we THINK of it is only a projection and is very unreliable also.

Only NOW exists.

You can THINK about PAST, some thing, trouble, or trauma or regret it or pine after it but it is all in memory. Through thinking or imagining you can bring the energy of it into now and make all sorts of trouble for yourself. Of course not all memories are unpleasant, but mind likes to focus on the troubles! Have you noticed this? (See: There’s no joy in thinking)

Likewise, with the future, you can imagine it with your mind, dream it; on the whole though, if it’s come from mind, it’s going to be different when it’s actually experienced in the now.

Your heart on the other hand is only present, NOW. When you say your heart misses something, it is not your heart at all it is a projection of mind overlaying this feeling in your body.

Your heart and soul are perfectly connected and always in tune.

Your egoic mind is out of tune and overlays all sorts of drama on you.

So REAL_ise this.

Past Present… the ‘Past’ was a ‘Present’, a gift, to bring you fully on totally into this moment NOW. When you are fully and totally here NOW. YOU are a living expression of JOY and what we call future unfolds beautifully before you and is yet another ‘Present’ for you. A gift beyond measure.

So the full message is this:

Past Present, Future Present, Present Present.

Blessings of Joy from the Infinite Silence,



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