Permitted Development – the Realisation of YOUR truth

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The Realisation of YOUR truth is a Permitted Development!

Now, Permitted Development may be words you have heard of in connection with developments to your house for planning purposes. Something you can do without having to seek Planning Permission from a Planning Authority.

In the context of this insight though, Infinite Silence was offering these words as pointer to the Realisation of YOUR truth. It is very much a Permitted Development.

It doesn’t require permission from an authority or indeed any authority for there is no authority higher than your highest truth. YOU are that already!

This also means it isn’t something that is granted for good deeds it IS here NOW pure and simple. It requires nothing, asks nothing, seeks nothing. YOU simply are that.

It is only the belief you are NOT this highest truth that creates the experience of it not being Realised. It is profoundly simple. There could not be anything simpler.

Interestingly the etymology of the word permitted is from permit and it’s original meaning is in two parts  from Latin ‘per’ meaning through and ‘mittere’ meaning send, let go. Development is from Latin ‘dis’ meaning un and ‘envelop’ to unfold or unfurl. To unfold or unfurl in other words also significantly to reveal the meaning of.

This is really beautiful in terms of your highest truth and the Realisation of it which putting all this together.

Through YOU truth IS revealed!

Through YOU, by YOU, as YOU!

Permitted Development.

No tests to pass, no hoops to go through, no requirements at all. It IS already YOU. The invitation to it is ever present.

The only choice then is will you accept it? Drop your limiting beliefs and accept who YOU really are.

That’s the true Permitted Development.

Blessings in Infinite Silence, Philip

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