Oh so simple Part 1 of 2, The Power of Intention

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One question and challenge for people that arises a lot with Spheres Of Light is:

How can it be so simple?

The answer is as profound as the simplicity!

Intention is a powerful creative force that drives our experience…

How can that be so?

To get the answer to that a little journey into the seemingly strange world of quantum physics is helpful.

Relax. We’ll keep this really simple.

It has been found that the outcome of experiments in quantum physics are affected by the thoughts, that is intentions, of the experimenter. They have to take special steps to avoid influencing the experiments.

Now in case you don’t realise it that was an amazing finding for scientists. Its implications are huge…

Why? Because the quantum field, as is frequently called, is what ultimately makes up our physical world.

Change things at the quantum level and you change the experience at the physical level.

Simple! Yet very profound.

Your intention is an incredibly powerful friend and learning to harness it has transformational and creative powers beyond your imagination. Wow!

So when we say, the ‘Intention to engage with Spheres Of Light’ is all that you need we really mean it…

The magic unfolds from that intention and the more you open yourself up to it, the more powerful it gets.

Now that really is a gift from the Universe…

In part two of this blog I will explore another facet of this to deepen our appreciation of this power further… til then…


A blog I originally wrote and published on the Spheres Of Light site: 26/02/2013

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