“I feel like I’ve grown ten years spiritually in the three months since the SOL workshop.”  DWC Leeds

“Just really incredible” Dr Christine Behan says: Hear what more people are saying about the benefits and insights gained from our workshops and events.

  • Feeling blessed. Normally I don't have much inclination go on many retreat type things these days, however this weekend I was drawn to do just that, and had some truly amazing and profound experiences on a 2 day retreat led by a remarkable soul, Philip Wade. Words can't begin to do it justice you have to experience it. If you are ready to give up suffering and /or are seeking a deeper experience of who you really are, Philip's work will point you there. This is the real deal <3 Thank you Philip

    Praise Gateway Location
    Mark W Foster Gorton Monastery
Praise Gateway Location

Spheres Of Light transforms all areas of my life everyday. The more I connect to them I feel them so deeply, they are reconnecting me to my own true self.


My life has changed for the better, now its much easier for me to always be in a happy mood and see life in a positive way no matter what’s going on. Thank you Philip this is a special gift for the whole world, May God Bless you always!


Inshira Shmeman

  • “I feel like I’ve grown ten years spiritually in the three months since the SOL workshop.”

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    Diane, Leeds
  • The Spheres of Light for me was an experience of pure consciousness and a connection with the heart, transporting me to a place of blissful stillness. This is truly having your soul dipped in divine Light.

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    Dr Christine Behan
  • “Philip is fantastic teacher. I would highly recommend him to anyone”

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    Karen Boyle, Knaresborough
  • Thank you so much for sharing Spheres Of Light with me. I came with an open mind and I left with clarity and enlightenment.

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    Sharon Jackson
  • Hi, thank you for a wonderful day! Lovely location, lovely people, facilitated by a lovely man.Let the Spheres Of Light embrace the world!

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    Phil Medley, Lancashire
  • The Spheres Of light [Workshop] has been one of the most incredible days ever, in fact I would go so far as to say it has been somewhat of an Epiphany!

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    Simon Whitehead
  • “You are angel Philip. Yes you are.”

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    Heather, USA
  • I attended The Spheres of Light workshop today and I can honestly say it was the best workshop I have ever attended!

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    Clare Eastham, Lancashire, UK
  • “We can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed the weekend and how much we got from it. Thank over and over again for what you have given us.”

    Frances & Stephen Parsons, Cumbria