Prioritising your SELF

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Prioritising your TRUTH is prioritising your SELF. Your TRUE SELF.

If there was one present I would love to give you any time it would be this: Self Realisation. The experiential remembrance of who you really are. Your Highest TRUTH.

For in this one gift the Grace, Presence, Peace and Love of the universe is embodied.

All would finally become clear, nothing else would be wanted, yet life would unfold beautifully with the eternal knowing of your truth ever present.

Do you feel called to receive such a gift?

If you do, then making your TRUTH your top priority at all times, not just some, is key to it. This TRUTH spoken of here is that which you truly already are.

So it is NOT a goal!

It is a REALisation. The most important Gift of the Universe unto itSELF.

For this REALisation to emerge, you must be prepared to drop completely ALL that you think and believe you are. Be totally empty and in that emptiness the fullness of truth will be Present. It is Infinite. That is a beyond words Present!

The just under 10 minute video above is an invitation to that along with the events listed below. Make your TRUTH a priority in 2018 and be open to the miracle of your truth unfolding.

If you are looking for inspiration look no further than Lin’s experience details below.

A Real Life Miracle: From messenger-cancerous tumour to embracing a deeper truth

A dear friend Lin, in the USA, has asked me to share her own miraculous story that it has been an honour to witness, guide and support her during the release of cancer whilst opening more deeply into her truth. To read her story click here.

Currently there are three significant events scheduled in 2018: 

A Two Day Gathering in Grace at Blissland, Cheshire 6 & 7 January, 2018 – £40 suggested donation for the full 2 days and Two 6 month programmes one day a month for 6 months. Click on the Buttons below to find out more and book.


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