If you are feeling called to explore your truth more deeply you may request a ONE to ONE to ONE-NESS with me.

The figure quoted above is a suggested donation – more details below.

They can take place in person, via Skype, via facebook messenger video or phone. Typically the sessions will be 1 to 1.5 hours long depending on your needs.

They are an opportunity to:

Explore your deepest unresolved questions about life.

Open to the Infinite Silence within you that IS YOU.

Experience Infinite Silence in a ‘guided’ experience with me.

Release that which is holding you back and, very importantly,

Empower yourself to be able do all this on your own!

Self Realisation is the simplest and greatest of Life’s Gifts unto itSELF yet it eludes so many. The reasons are simple and it comes down to letting go of all your beliefs about who you think you are.

The sessions explore this deep pointing to truth:

Who am I?

The question dissolves the questioner and the SELF IS Realised.

The sessions are offered on a suggested donation basis and a time and date must be agreed with me in advance. See contact details in the booking information section below. All funds from my ‘work’ go to sharing this Realisation with the world.

If you have any pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions please read the terms and conditions on this site here before booking an appointment.

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