Retreat 2024-3


Saturday & Sunday 20 & 21 Jul

Scholarship places from Free to 50% discounts available by application to Philip directly via email or use contact page (you will receive a discount code if selected to use for the relevant option on this page) guide <£14,000 ($18,000, €16,500) annual income for discounted places.

In Person and Online retreat at the Universal Studio

Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 17:00

Includes attendance, and vegetarian lunches for in person attendees. No partial attendance options are available. Any special dietary requirements you will need to cater for yourself. No accommodation options available. Several people enjoyed the Grantham Arms in Boroughbridge for the last Retreat. This is not a recommendation simply a suggestion, there’s many options in Boroughbridge and Ripon and surrounding areas.

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The video below gives a flavour of the Retreat Experience and people’s experiences of it.

People's Experiences


An invitation to:

Explore the deepest unresolved questions about life. (You will see that one person’s questions are everyone’s questions).

Open to the Infinite Silence within you that IS YOU.

Please note: that all events are recorded on video, photographed and may also be live-streamed. By participating you are agreeing to this and the results will be used in videos on the website, YouTube and other outlets to help spread and inspire people to the gift of Self Realisation.

More Information: Can be found on the main page here including location.

Important Note: If you have any pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions please read the terms and conditions on this site here.

Please Note if it’s all booked up and Scholarship places are taken and you are on a tighter budget you can always take the Online Pre-recorded Retreat Option on this link here.

Also Note: You may receive an automated invitation to the Website Forum this is currently inactive and should be ignored!

For Scholarship Places select either In Person or Online below and use the Discount Coupon Code on the Main Shop Page. If you are booking more than one space you will need to book each place separately.


They cover the many costs of providing a vast array of resources worldwide freely: Website Hosting & development, Web domain fees; Mailing system, Zoom & Streaming and Dropbox Licences; Insurance; Spam Protection; Podcast Hosting; Equipment: Computers, Video Camera, Videography & Data Storage, Lighting, Microphones, Electronic Recording and others. Funding of Scholarship Spaces (free or much reduced), Free support to many people. Also donations to Charities have been made such as Tree Sisters, International Red Cross, British Red Cross, Gorton Monastery, Harmony Hub and Women’s Radio Station.

It is conservatively estimated that Philip has gifted 12,000 hours of free time since 2011 to sharing with the world.


Even if you’re already subscribed make sure you tick the Box to Subscribe to Emails/Newsletter on the Page where you fill out your address details otherwise you will not automatically receive the Full Retreat Details and only receive a booking confirmation. To make stage payments check out using the Pay by Bank Transfer option and then make the stage payments that way with the account details you will receive.

Stage payments paid in full before the retreat are possible: use the Pay by Bank Transfer option to initiate this, make an initial deposit of minimum £40, leave a note in your booking on the booking form and please ensure all payments are made by 1 week before the Retreat.

Once you have booked an attendance in person Retreat it will not be possible to later decide to attend online and expect a refund of the difference – you can however still attend online if this suits you. This is because we allocate limited spaces here and others might have selected that option and not been able to book along with the overall costs being met by a balance of online and in person bookings.


With the Retreats the more you commit to them and listen deeply the more you will get out of them!

Just be wide open from your heart and truly engage.

Typically, most people have a number of questions about life and what is unfolding for them and are seeking a deeper experience of their truth.

By helping people see that ‘Truth IS simple and ego is complicated’ and that what they truly seek is already within and IS them people experience aha moments, momentous shifts, deep healing and are inspired to explore their truth further.

Common feedback I hear is this: “I can’t thank you enough.”

Additional information

Retreat in person or zoom

In Person, Online Via Zoom

Booking instructions:

You may book your Workshop space or ONE to ONE to ONE-NESS using this shop section of the website. One to Ones must be agreed with me in advance by phone or via the Contact form on this site.

If you have any pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions please read the terms and conditions on this site here before booking an appointment.

Payments can be made in the following ways:

Online Banking, Cheque, PayPal.

Scheduled payments possible by agreement full payment is due before the event. Please ask about this using the contact form on the site or give me a call on one of the numbers below.

Correspondence address: Oak Tree House, Skelton On Ure, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5AG

Tel:  +44 (0) 1423 329 153 or Mob: + 44 (0) 7836 366 400 if calling from outside the UK miss out the zero in brackets (0) from the number.

Workshop locations vary