Spiritual Inquiry Weekly Zoom Calls


Friday’s: 2nd, 9th & 16th April, 20:00 UK Time

(Check local time at timeanddate.com) note UK will have gone forward one hour on 28 March, 2021.

Your most important Spiritual/Life Questions Answered!

Are you are seeking Peace? Do you feel the call to bring an end to suffering?

Here is an invitation from life to share in profound and life-transforming Spiritual Inquiry insight and meditation at low or no cost.

Have you wondered what a life-changing Inquiry and Online Retreats with Philip are like? Now you can experience them in this short series of Weekly Zoom Calls of 1 hour duration.

The three minute video below gives a flavour of Spiritual Inquiry and Retreat Experiences taken from the 2021 New Year Retreat.

An Invitation to Self Realisation

These Weekly Zoom calls are like a laser focused mini-retreat and set for 1 hour (with possible extension by 0.25 hour only if necessary) and are your opportunity to bring along your most important questions. There are no silly ones and, in Philip’s experience one person’s question is everyones question.

The Weekly Zoom Calls will be:

  • Led by your questions (not topic related talks from Philip)
  • Usually include a brief meditation exercise.
  • Recorded and used for videos or other means to help spread the Self Realisation message around the globe. By booking you are accepting this.

Ultimately Spiritual Inquiry is the resolution of the fundamental question:

Who am I?

The question dissolves the questioner and the Self is Realised.

It fits in hand in hand with and is fundamental to an ongoing Meditation Practice.

It serves integration of inner-standing, deepening into a Realised Awareness.

It empowers yourself to be able do all this on your own!

Self Realisation is the simplest and greatest of Life’s Gifts unto itSELF yet it eludes so many. The reasons are simple and it comes down to dissolving of all your beliefs about who you think you are.

All funds from my ‘work’ go to sharing this Realisation with the world.

Important Note: If you have any pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions please read the terms and conditions on this site here.

Please Note:

You may book all three sessions at once, two sessions or just one at a time. This flexibility is provided principally for financial reasons if, for instance, you need to book from week to week.


Choose the donation level that fits your circumstances from: Scholarship (Free), Support (£5.50 per week) and Standard (£11 per week). All this is done on a trust basis and you are simply invited to go with your heart.

Example: three weeks at Scholarship Level = 3*£0 = £0; three weeks at Support Level = 3*£5.50 = 16.50 and at Standard Level = 3*£11 = 33. This calculation will be shown on the checkout pages dependent your choices.

Three Weeks:  Select: Three (3) using the + button below to increase the quantity to 3 weeks. (Please note even if you have selected Scholarship you still need to Select three weeks if you intend to attend for three weeks).

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With the Inquiry Calls the more you commit to them and listen deeply the more you will get out of them!

Just be wide open from your heart and truly engage.

Typically, most people have a number of questions about life and what is unfolding for them and are seeking a deeper experience of their truth.

By helping people see that ‘Truth IS simple and ego is complicated’ and that what they truly seek is already within and IS them people experience aha moments, momentous shifts, deep healing and are inspired to explore their truth further.

Common feedback I hear is this: “I can’t thank you enough.”

Additional information

Choose option: Scholarship, Support or Standard first then using the + button the number of weeks you are booking for and remember to specify which dates on the checkout page! If choosing Scholarship please ensure you honour this gift by turning up as places are limited.

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Booking instructions:

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If you have any pre-existing medical or psychiatric conditions please read the terms and conditions on this site here before booking an appointment.

Payments can be made in the following ways:

Online Banking, Cheque, PayPal.

Scheduled payments possible by agreement full payment is due before the event. Please ask about this using the contact form on the site or give me a call on one of the numbers below.

Correspondence address: Oak Tree House, Skelton On Ure, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5AG

Tel:  +44 (0) 1423 329 153 or Mob: + 44 (0) 7836 366 400 if calling from outside the UK miss out the zero in brackets (0) from the number.

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