Purity of Intention and Trust


T wo core components of experiencing Spheres Of Light are ‘Intention’ and ‘Trust.’

This can be both the simplest and the hardest thing in the world!

Why so simple? Because it requires no physical effort just an Intention.

Why so hard? Because, we’re generally so used to the idea of having to do things to make other things happen that our minds find it hard to rely on trust.

In the blogs, “Oh so simple! Parts 1 & 2” we explored ‘The Power of Intention’ and ‘Our Evolving Spiritual Power’ – so you might like to refresh yourself on those.

Now looking at Trust:

Osho said:

“Trust is the greatest intelligence.”

It is also, in truth, part of the natural order of things!

You ‘trust’, for instance, that your body will heal a cut and don’t even think about it. You just expect it to get on with it. It does because the body seeks balance – homeostasis is the technical term for it. Homeostasis is the tendency to equilibrium between interdependent elements in your body.

So trust Spheres Of Light! It is based on a pure intention. The intention of your heart and soul. Something you feel!

Paula Stephen said: ”

“Just wanted to say that since my engagement with the Spheres in 2011, they have been a constant and trusted companion on what has been a challenging 2012……the energies are really shifting and there is much to come over the coming months, and I know that for me (and I believe all Humanity) that the Spheres Of Light and the connections that are been made will be crucial to ensure all is as it should be….

Trust, Love and Engage….. all is changing but all is good…….”

Now to make this really powerful for you!

Everyone has had the feeling of just knowing something deep within. Why do we all have that?

It is simple because in that place of knowing you are in touch with your inner truth, actually your deepest inner experience.

Now I am not talking here about something superficial. Like the experience of riding a bike.

No, this is something fundamental and innate to each and everyone of us. This is what you connect to, what anyone of us connects to when we are in moments of joy. Its actually there all the time if you pay it attention.

The Intention we are setting with Spheres Of Light is not superficial either. Like ‘I’d like a new car’ for instance.

The intention that resonates with Spheres Of Light is the Highest Intention, your highest good, a pure intention, which may or may not be what your mind thinks is a good idea.

To get the most out of the Spheres Of Light Intention you need to set all that mind stuff aside. You need to let go.

Your heart and soul/your higher-self is in control.

Do not try to do anything. Just Be! Just intend…

… and then watch or observe the magic unfold…

Einstein said:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One as if nothing is a miracle. The other as if everything is a miracle.”

Which do you chose?

As you get deeper into the experience you will find you can start making choices from a higher place and one of those is letting go or your ‘stuff’.’ There’s a separate blog on this I’ve written called: “Lightening Conductor.”

Other higher choices will emerge… be open to them, listen to that quiet inner voice or messenger within. It has some incredibly important things to share with you.

In fact, it’s waiting for you to listen!

In response to Paul above May Johnstone said:

“Like you, I find the Spheres Of Light are constantly with me, and it’s hard to imagine life without their inner support and inspiration. I’m sure they are contributing to raising our collective vibration in these changing times.”

Intending and trusting from the level I am talking about here can be positively life-transforming. Are you ready? Great!


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