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Are you an avid Radio ONE listener?

I can highly recommend it!

News of your absolute truth, grace, love, joy and so much more. Available 24/7, no license fee, no radio set needed, no adverts selling you things you don’t want or need. The signal is the same anywhere on the planet indeed the whole universe.

Tune in NOW.

In fact, that’s the only way you can tune in. NOW.

Here NOW.

If you are reliving the past or dwelling on what may or may not happen in your thoughts you can be sure you’re not going to be tuned in.

This Radio station is not your average radio station as you will have realised by now.

It’s the Universally available Radio ONE. The true ONENESS Station.

The most up to date and utterly truthful station there is. No lies. No propaganda. No special promotions. In fact NOTHING at all.

Yes NOTHING or NO THING. Infinite Silence.

How can you listen to such a station? Well, here is the thing. You, in your absolute truth are the station, the broadcaster and the listener all at once.

It is the voice of your heart and soul (the InVoice).

It speaks only truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

This has got to be one station worth listening to then!

So why don’t you? Really?

Could it be that you feel it’s not accessible to you? Only special people? Or some other excuse from ego?

You see all the myriad reasons given why you can’t hear or see your way are just identification, attachment and belief in less than the truth of who you really are.

It’s that simple.

Drop the beliefs. Let go of who you think you are. Allow who you really are to emerge.

I call it the STOP. LOOK. LISTEN of Truth. Just like when you cross the road you do that to save your life.

You can do this right NOW to save you from a life of suffering. Sound worth it?

There’s no better offer in the entire Universe. Nothing comes even close to this.

It’s not a case of believing me. It’s a case of it becoming YOUR experiential spiritual truth.

YOU are already that which you seek. YOU are NOTHING but Infinite Silence.

This is who you really are.

This message comes to you courtesy of Radio ONE. Radio ONENESS.

Station Controller: YOU
Producer: YOU
Presenter: YOU
Listener: YOU

Can you hear it? It is hear NOW. Listen… it’s in the Silence. Infinite Silence.

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