Realising not Seeking

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Realising not Seeking

Inner Peace is a realisation not an attainment.

In the same way that you have experienced an aha or light-bulb moments for some matter in life thus it is with Self Realisation.

It’s the greatest OMG moment in the Universe.

OMG I am the source of that peace. Infinite Awareness or Silence.

It’s ultimately profoundly simple since one has always been this and never not been it.

It has simply been forgotten and overlooked. So we can also refer to it as a remembering of the essence of life which you are.

Thus a fundamental step on the spiritual journey is to stop striving for that which you already are.

Realising not Seeking Gateway Location

To call off the search. To be open to making the switch from Seeker to Realiser.

To crystallise this further we’ll use the example of an emotion and spiritual inquiry questions. An emotion arises in your body just like a wave does in the ocean. Just in the same way a wave ‘dissolves’ back into the ocean so does an emotion dissolve.

What sees the emotion arising? Pause and reflect on this for a moment.

You might say you. What do you mean by you? Consider a common phrase: “I am heartbroken.” In this statement you are saying you are the emotion of heartbreak. Yet is that really true? Is it more accurate to say the experience of heartbreak is here in your body and it is being both experienced and observed or witnessed?

Pause and reflect on this.

You’ll eventually see that heartbreak appeared in front of or within awareness and whilst it was experienced physically, probably quite intensely, it also fades and eventually may disappear at least temporarily. You might have other emotions shame, guilt, anger and they come and go.

So are you those emotions as well or are you the witness to them?

It is eventually seen that you are the awareness of all phenomena emotions, feelings, sensations, being-ness including the physical world beyond your body.

Is that awareness affected by the emotions, or does it simply just observe neutrally? Again pause and reflect.

Herein is the key, the answer to this is the key to Self Realisation, Inner-Peace, Joy for no reason, life itself.

The answer is it is not affected. It witnesses that’s all.

When this is Realised unequivocally, experientially that is Self Realisation. This is the source of lasting Inner-Peace.

The Awareness is unchanging, unmoving, unblemished, untouched, perfect, whole always complete and you are it.

It actually goes by many names: Infinite Awareness, Consciousness or Silence No-thing-ness, Source, Essence and more. It is the Realised or Enlightened essence and the truth of you is that.

It’s that simple. Only the mind tries to complicate it.

Below are three videos: two really quite short and one a bit longer that explore this in different ways to deepen the message.

44 Seconds: Peace arises from Awareness

4 mins: How is Self Realisation related to Surrendering

23 minutes: A Living Meditation Q&A plus brief meditation

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