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In truth there are no others!

A belief in apparent separateness creates the feeling and experience of separation from others and thus relationships become one of the biggest challenges.

Why? Well, in essence, its because others often don’t conform to your version of reality. Your beliefs.

Others, even the closest friends and lovers, do and say things that challenge you. They may try to impose their view of reality on you.

They may ignore you, belittle you, big you up and then drop you down. All these things and more can only happen because people perceive themselves as separate from each other.

However, this is all an illusion. A confused game of separation. For no-one and no thing is truly separate from anyone or anything else. Like the planet it’s ecosystem is totally interdependent. The evidence for this is everywhere though it’s easy to forget because we take it for granted.

Only humans think in terms of separation. Life is a whole, a cohesive whole. The whole Universe.

When your are clear about your True Self, you see and experience relationship in a new way.  A way most people have not experienced before.

It moves from Separation and relationship to Connection. A connection with all.

The place to start is with you.

“When inner peace is attained, outer peace becomes possible at last.”

Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch

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