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The highest resolution is Self Realisation.

So, we are at that time of year when there is often talk of New Year’s Resolutions and perhaps very little focus on Self Realisation.

The resolutions may vary greatly but will often involve some desire, a future goal, some idealised future state when things will somehow be better. I recall a relative asking me many years about what my resolutions were. Well, actually, he was telling me I should have some. In the same breath telling me he had 500. Yes 500. My response was that sounded like a task list to me and the thought of it was off putting. There was no sense in me of a need to write down a series of resolutions and the thought of it didn’t resonate at all. It didn’t stop me from ‘achieving’ what is classed as worldly success. Commitment to me meant exactly that. If I chose to do something it got done. It was clear to me from an early age that it was crucial to be ultra-selective in what was chosen. If it didn’t speak to me, what was the point? If other things came up that did not align with that compass they were generally not worth wasting effort on. Focus was the name of my game, though I was not perfect at it commitment saw me through.

The thing about resolutions and how they are generally cast these days are a cause of much suffering. Why?

It is because one is basing one’s happiness and identity on the achieving of some future state. I will be happy when…

This inevitably brings suffering. Suffering in the striving, in the trials and tribulations and even in the achieving. For the high soon passes and ego mind’s desires are endless. What next it asks?

As the title of this insight emerged, ‘I’ checked the etymology of the word resolution. It turns out to be very beautiful in the context of what we are exploring here. It comes from the Latin ‘resolvere’: ‘loosen, release’ and also a ‘process of reducing things into simpler forms’. The sense of improved higher resolution in optics followed on along with the context of New Years Resolutions is understood to better oneself is from at least the 1780s and through the 19th Century and were generally of a pious nature.

Loosening and releasing and reducing things into simpler forms. Sounds a lot like the truth behind Self Realisation.

Truth IS simple. Ego is complicated.

To which we can add:

Spiritual growth is not possible. Self Realisation IS natural.

This means YOU non-personal are the Infinite itself. The Infinite Silence. It is not a personal identity. It is Realisation of Oneness. Unity. The personal identity you think you are is simply a belief in smoke and mirrors. An illusion in other words.

There’s nothing to improve. You see the better you you are seeking is that which you already are. Indeed you cannot not be this. You can however, believe you are not it and thus create the experience of that and suffer along the way.

That’s how ego works! It is fundamentally rooted in a false premise, a false belief, an illusion of separation from that which is infinite.

How can anything be separate from that which is infinite? That doesn’t even make sense to what we call mind? Even if the infinite itself is something that can’t be held within what we call the mind. It all starts to break down rather swiftly when you look at it like this.

Drop the belief in the illusion, totally, and the Self IS Realised.

This Self Realisation when fully anchored is the end of suffering. The end of striving, the end of trying to be something better, the end of needing things to be a certain way for peace, happiness and fulfilment. The Realisation that one is already the fullness itself, empty of identity yet filled with Silence, the source of peace, grace, truth, gratitude for itself.

Realising not seeking.
Finding not searching.
Seeing not looking.
It IS here.

So if there is to be resolution make it the highest one. The one that is open to the realisation of that which you already are.

This is vastly different by the way from making it a goal. It is not a goal. How can it be a goal if, in truth, YOU, non personal, are already it? It can’t.

Also it can’t be some future state. For making it that is another cause of suffering. A state one will never reach.

The cost of Self Realisation is the dropping an illusory identity. To ego this is the end of its world. To the heart it is HOME.

Then as one listens deeply to the calling of the heart, the calling home and simply accepts the invitations to release, loosen and open to the process-less process of realising the greatest simplicity of all it will flower. The highest resolution of the unseen seer. It will become obvious. This is why it is a Realisation.

The greatest OMG moment in the Universe IS Self Realisation.

OMG ‘I’ non-personal am this. This ISness. This Infinite Silence. The Infinite and true I.

This personal identity was a mask I was wearing all along! Then the individuation of the Silence of your form becomes like a facet of diamond. YOU know YOU are the whole diamond yet the Infinite Silence has chosen to express itself in infinite variety. To experience itself. Most importantly:

Realise itSELF as the Infinite Silence whilst in the appearance of form. Beautiful.

This is the true calling of your heart. Follow this one, the quiet voice within it will lead you unerringly home.

Now that it is the highest resolution, Self Realisation.

Will you accept the invitation home?

Blessings in Infinite Silence.

Below are a series of three invitations in video form: An Open Self Realisation Programme at Gorton Monastery Manchester, Live Stream 22: Resolution or Realisation (i.e. dedicated to this topic) and Beyond Phenomena from Awakening Experiences to Absolute Self Realisation.

Find YourSELF at The Monastery: 10 minutes

Resolution or Realisation: 1h 40 minutes

Beyond Phenomena from Awakening Experiences to Absolute Self Realisation : 2h 18 minutes

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