Resting in Infinite Silence

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Resting in Infinite Silence
It IS before ‘I AM’
Just ISness
Absolute awareness
Timeless and eternal
Yet times creator
Beyond space
Yet the creator of space
Profound stillness
Yet emerging Grace
Yet expressing itself
As Spheres Of Light
Pure Consciousness
The Golden Egg of Creation
Unassociated pure presence
The first born
Birthing Spheres
Stars, Planets, Moons the physical universe
Creating oceans, plant life, Wild Life
Wild Life includes human life
Free as born
Born to be Free
But forgetful of its pure roots
Believing in things
Rather than realising its source
Losing sight of amazing grace
Falling asleep in suffering
A bolt of lightning and lightening from Infinite Silence!
A stirring in the heart and soul
The remembering has begun
It may be a ‘rude awakening’
But Grace and Joy rest in watching wakefulness
To flow freely once again
To lead one Home
To Infinite Silence
Realised whilst in the body
The greatest gift from Infinite Silence to ItSELF
Resting in Infinite Silence eternally NOW!

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