Return to Innocence

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The return to innocence is the return to your Truth!

Everybody is innocent here in this absolute Truth and we are all one.

Perfect, whole, formless, timeless and eternal SELF yet that same SELF can be expressed and experienced in a body. SELF Realisation.

It is here NOW. It IS who you really are. You are this NOW. It is only your identification, attachment and belief in less than this infinite self that creates the experience of suffering. The experience of overlaying that on others. The experience of guilt.

Remembering your absolute Truth is the return to innocence. To beauty beyond words.

To where are you returning? Nowhere. Not a place but NOW HERE. The same letters but a totally different sense.

There is nowhere for you to go. Nowhere you have to go. Nothing you have to do. You are already it.

It is only your false perception through the lens of that identification, attachment and belief in thoughts, ego in other words that makes you experience that you are not there.

You are already that which you truly seek.

This is not a body, not a single thing. Nothing in fact. Yet Infinite. Infinite Silence.

This then is return to that which you already are, always have been and always will be.

The return to innocence or return to inner sense.

Your inner sense!

That profound knowing and experiencing of truth that is ever present in all. This being the highest form of trust which is not having to trust at all but instead being the living experience of truth.

This is the greatest opportunity. The greatest gift from the SELF to the SELF and you are it.

Listen not then to the noisy voice in your head but instead to the gentle, graceful and truthful calling of your heart.

It never lies.

In following this totally, unwaveringly the return to your true Home is guaranteed. It is guaranteed anyway but you can make the experience and the flowering of truth easier by following this calling. NOW.

The moment of choice has arisen.

Which do you choose? The head and the ‘lie’ or the heart and truth.

Put like that it makes you wonder why you would choose any different. But we do and have done. It’s all rooted in fear. A false perception.

Ego will try to prevent you from realising this in the false belief it is protecting you. Protecting you from what? Its demise.

How to proceed then when fear emerges?

Know then in that moment it is an invitation! An invitation for it to be released to rest ones attention in the unchanging and Infinite Silence.

It is so simple. Nothing complicated about it. How could it be. It IS YOU already.

Return to the inner sense now. That is the return to innocence.

The 30 minute guided experience below will help you on the way and you can also listen to Enigma’s beautiful song. Return to Innocence.

Blessings as Infinite Silence,


Much gratitude to Bernadette Allan for sharing with me her experience of the 30 min Infinite Silence Experience video in which she ‘heard within’ Enigma’s beautiful song playing reminding her of her truth. How beautiful.

The video of the song is courtesy of Enigma copyright theirs and the video itself courtesy of beyondthesky231

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