Sacred Connection

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Sacred Connection
Divine Communion
Body with the Whole
The Whole with the Body
Silent Reflections
Ripples of Grace
Touching the Pond
An Ocean of Love
Enveloping the Whole
Of Humanity
A Unity
Nature responds
With shimmering Light
Day or Night
A bird takes flight
A butterfly floats
The flower opens up
Divine In-sight
Truth to behold
Harmony blends
The magical waters
Glaciers, Rivers, Oceans and see
The communion of man
With Divinity
The fire of love
Within the Earth
It gives Birth
Our true Home
It rests within
A silent space
A timeless place
The mystery unfolds
Its sacred face
Its YOU and ME
In Silence we pray
The prayer of Love
On wings of a Dove
Peace Reigns
Freedom Free
A Divine Symphony
The music of the Spheres
Of Light dancing
With the sound of Silence
Blessed be
NOW All to see
Their Divinity
Sacred Connection
Divine Communion

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