SELF Raising Flower

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The invitation from within is to be a SELF Raising Flower.

A number spiritual traditions have adopted the Lotus Flower as a metaphor for spiritual growth since it grows up through muddy and murky waters of a pond to blossom into the most beautiful and pristine flower.

The mud and murky waters are representative of the mind, the ego in other words.

Yet the truth of the flower is ever present.

That calling you feel from your heart is that Invitation to Realise the Flower of Truth, the Lotus within. The Realised Self.

It IS already there. In fact, it cannot not be there. However, you can believe the meanderings of the ego-mind and create the experience that it is not.

It IS a fundamental awareness and truth that you are already the Realised Self.

If you were to embrace this totally and unequivocally here NOW dropping all else as false, an illusion the SELF would be revealed in and as YOU.

Your belief that you are not that is thus the fundamental block.

You then forget this true SELF and wander around life in the body thinking and believing you are that, its thoughts, its emotions not realising that all the time you are the one that is silently watching all this going on.

Untouched, unmoved, unchanging, perfect, whole and Infinite is the SELF. It IS here NOW and YOU are it.

This SELF Raising Flower does not require you to go in the proving drawer. You have nothing to prove. Only to realise who you really are.

How beautiful is that? How simple is that?

In the simplicity is the power. The true power which is not a power over but a power with grace, love, peace, compassion.

When your heart calls, listen!

You can trust this one for it is intimately and intrinsically connected always to your ultimate truth. The realised SELF.

It knows.

Why would you trust the ego when it has led you and everyone else to so much suffering? For this is what you/we have been doing.

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always got. In the case of trusting the ego that is a lot of suffering.

The ego asks but who will I be if I let go of all my beliefs, my attachments, my identifications?

Actually, it won’t truly exist. This is what it fears! It’s demise.

It’s not a case of fighting the illusory ego. It’s a case of embracing the divine call of love within.

It’s not a case of work to be done. It’s a case of total letting go.

It’s not a case of knowing stuff. It’s a case of trusting the absolute source of you. The realised SELF.

It’s not a case of jam tomorrow. It is here NOW.

It’s not a case of who am I to be worthy of this? It’s a case of who are you not to be? The ego is arrogant enough to try to separate itself from the divine.

How can you be separate from the Infinite? You can’t. End of your story. Your history. It was just a game you were playing. A case of mistaken identity.

In Chess they talk about moves in terms of Openings, Middle Games and End Games. The ego likes to play Chess in a very complex way. Sacrifices, battles and so on.

In spiritual truth there isn’t really any of this. Not even and End Game. A step to be taken.

When you accept totally that you are are the divine made manifest here to realise that experientially. It’s instantaneous Check Mate for the one who has been King. The ego. Game over.

The invitation from within is to be a SELF Raising Flower. NOW.

All the ingredients are within your Spiritual DNA. No Proving Drawer needed.

The flower blossoms. The SELF IS Realised and YOU are it.



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