Self Realisation: 6th International Yoga Festival

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Originally a video the session  explores: Why Meditate?, What Meditation really is, What is the mind?, A simple and powerful Awareness exercise all as part of insights to Self Realisation and includes an Infinite Silence Meditation Experience.

Episodes Weekly Next: 4 March 2022, Transmuting Fear into Love (Dissolving Emotions)

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The 6th International Yoga Festival & Health Expo’ which was a virtual/online event on 20 June 2020 run from Vancouver, Canada.

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The Vision of the Expo’ is to bring together people from all walks of life and allow them to experience yogic living, providing our communities with an everlasting experience of a holistic approach to yogic life by enhancing health through practicing Yoga and Meditation. Its Mission and Values are: Inspiring and connecting our communities to live creatively and emphasise natural health. We promote a vibrant and stress-free active lifestyle through the practice of Yoga & Meditation. They aim to connect healthy eating and natural living and with a focus on vegetarian and vegan diets, organic lifestyle and environmental awareness for attaining world peace.

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