Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020

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Saturday 28th March 2020, 11:00 to 17:00 at The Universal Studio


Welcome to this auspicious gathering at the Universal Studio. We are delighted to welcome you to our home and gardens to embrace the gift of Self Realisation.

£63* donation includes event and a light vegetarian lunch. (This represents a trial 20% discount with an increase in spaces available)

Access to the beautifully landscaped gardens weather dependent of course (possibly fire pit lit) they include:

Zen Garden with water feature

The Glad Stones Meditation Circle and Fire Pit

The Spiral Path Garden

The Summer House

The Woodland Garden and natural Oak Benches

The Woodland Meditation Space and more…

Please note that all events will be professionally filmed and by participating you are agreeing to this and the edited results will be used in videos on the website, YouTube and other outlets to help spread and inspire people to the gift of Self Realisation.

Do you feel the call HOME to your highest truth?

Then this event is for you.

You are already that which you truly seek.

Will you accept the Invitation?

See the 4 minute video below for an introduction to the day.

Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location

This short video sets the context for the day.

Answering the question: Who am I? Your ultimate truth.

An end to suffering: With Powerful, Simple and Transformative Infinite Silence Meditation

Your highest purpose unveiled: Profound and Graceful Spiritual Truth

Your truth seen: Divine Blessing from Infinite Silence

Connection with like hearts: Sharing with others

Come along with your most important questions about life!

The event will include a sound meditation journey with Sif Yraola

Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location

You can start to prepare yourself now by using the Infinite Silence Experience Video above. It’s 30 minutes long.

The more you use the more you will be in touch with YOUR divine essence.

Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location

An event in progress in the Universal Studio


  • I have had the most wonderful weekend, and feel truly blessed to have shared this space with you and everyone. I feel in a better position let go of so many recurring thoughts that are just not doing me any favours, and seek out the truth in the matter. This is an ongoing process... but one I feel I have taken a huge leap forward in, with your help.

    Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location
    Lesley Vickers
  • Just to say what a great blessing the Infinite Silence was on Sunday. Absolutely wonderful and so deep and utterly profound. Thank you so much. God speaks through you so beautifully.

    Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location
    Dr Christine Behan
  • Here is my truth: Philip is open to receiving Infinite Silence/God, so Infinite Silence/God gently resides fully, consciously within him.

    Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location
  • If you want to bring an end to suffering this is the real deal.

    Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location
    Mark Foster
  • The remarkable thing about Philip is that in all my group and one to one sessions with him, I have yet to detect any sense of an Ego. Some people may calls this 'presence' for me it is the complete lack of any form of presence, more a stillness and quietude which aspects of my own ego structure seems to fall into from the sheer lack of resistance. My non ego self recognises this more eloquently in silence than I can express in words, I do hope that may be your experiences too. Namaste, John McCluskey
    Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location
    John McCluskey
  • I met Philip Wade a few years ago in Iceland and I feel so blessed that I did. During his one day event I transformed in ways that lets me live the life I am today with trust in my heart and being. The process that the whole group went through and what happens in the energy field is a source beyond anything I could explain in words. It is a chance to open up this infinite source of light that you truly are. His being is humble, clear, loving and he helped me to reconnect to that state that we are and come from. I am forever grateful for him and what he has showed me.

    Self Realisation at the Universal Studio March 2020 Gateway Location
    Sif Yraola

Event Details

Timing: 11:00 to 17:00 with up to 1 hour for lunch from approximately 1300 – 1400. There will be a 30 minute break in the afternoon and possibly a short break in the morning session. The above costs is for the event and a vegetarian lunch will be provided.

Arrivals: Please aim to arrive in good time between: 10:20 and 10:50 latest

Lunch:  A light vegetarian lunch (soup and bread) – if you have any special dietary needs please bring your own.

Refreshments: Please help yourselves to Tea, Coffee, Water, and a selection of herbal type teas provided at breaks.

The Space: Please bring indoor footwear/slippers and anything else you need to be comfortable. Layered clothing is advisable.


Donation: £63; All donations received go to pay for the events costs and helping spread the word globally.
*Up to 3 low income places available (guide income £11k a year or less) – contact me from the contact page to apply.


Oak Tree House, Skelton On Ure, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 5AG

Local Directions: The Universal Studio in the village of Skelton On Ure between Ripon and Boroughbridge.

Local Directions:

The Post Code HG4 5AG takes you to more or less the centre of the village. There is only very irregular public transport.

Nearest Train station: Knaresbrough then taxi, Nearest Bus Station: Ripon then taxi

From the North, South and East: you will enter the village at the Newby Hall end turning right onto the main street.

Pass the Pub on your Right, Post Office/Village Store on you Left and about 150 yards or so further on there is a Bus Stop Post against a High Brick Wall. At this point there is a private driveway and our house if 50 Yards up the drive. There’s plenty of on street safe parking.

From the West or from Harrogate A61: you will enter the village at the North End. The Bus Stop post referred to above will be after 75 Yards on your LEFT.

In the Google Map extract below the exact location of our house is shown by the Red Ripon Marker (NB: Ripon itself is about 4 miles away!).

Are you looking for a Gathering in Grace near you? Then you can consider hosting an event. If you can provide: a suitable venue (cost met by your group) – ideally light/spacious, enough attendees and donations sufficient to cover my costs to you then I will consider that option.

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