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Self Realisation Interview World Heart of Connection

This interview took place in 2020 with Mark Randall of the World Heart of Connection Podcast and Geelong Counselling Service, Melbourne, Australia. The topics are below and if you’ve already heard Philip’s story you can skip straight to 06:04:

00:22 Welcome
02:20 How did you move from Civil Engineering to where you are now?
06:04 The Calling
06:34 How the website domain name came
07:21 What was it like to connect to yourself?
09:03 Dealing with emotions
10:06 Were you sensitive to your heart in early life
11:11 How do you share with people?
15:50 Does Infinite Touch help them connect?
17:20 Does the Touch help open the heart and blocked emotions
17:35 How can you describe the Infinite Silence?
19:25 As you’re sharing are you connecting to the Infinite Silence?
19:35 How do you anchor into that when you have gone to the head?
21:04 As you notice the gap in thoughts are you dropping into the heart?
22:30 Is the Infinite Silence the ‘All that is?’
24:39 When you are in that Infinite Silence what happens to your well-being?
25:35 Peace of heart – Peace of mind?
27:24 As men what do we need to do to facilitate more men connecting to the heart?
29:27 Did you have to Meditate Privately at first?
30:00 What advice would you give a younger Philip?
31:00 How would the world be if we all connected within?
32:36 I feel a resonance with the Infinite Silence as you talk about it
33:09 Brief Meditation including an Awareness Exercise
44:34 Meditation Ends & Reflections from Mark

To experience the Infinite Silence Self Realisation Meditation please see Episodes 19 – 25 inclusive. This is a series of seven with durations from 0.25 fully guided to 1.5 hours with increasing amounts of silence.

For more free Self Realisation Resources visit Philip’s Website.

Monthly Episodes, Next: Friday 2 June 2023, released at 4pm but usually takes until about 5pm to find its way to the various outlets.

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